How do you break links in Word 2013?

To remove links from Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, or 2016 documents:

  1. Click the File tab, and then Info > Edit links to files. This menu entry is available only if your document contains linked data.
  2. Select a link and click Break link.

How do you unlink a Word document?

Figure 1.

  1. Click the Office button and then click Prepare.
  2. Click Edit Links to Files. (If this option is not available, it means that Word doesn’t think there are any links in the current document.)
  3. Select the link you want to break.
  4. Click on Break Link. You are asked to confirm your action.
  5. Click on OK.

What version is office15?

Microsoft Office 2013
To do so, compare the first two digits in the version number with the version year on the right side of the table….Version number table.

First two digits Office version
12 Microsoft Office 2007
14 Microsoft Office 2010
15 Microsoft Office 2013
16 Microsoft Office 2016

Is Office 2013 still usable?

Office 2013 for Windows will get security updates until April 11, 2023—as long as you have Service Pack 1 installed. The mainstream support period ended April 10, 2018, while the extended support end date is April 11, 2023.

How do you break a link?

Break a link

  1. On the Data tab, in the Connections group, click Edit Links. Note: The Edit Links command is unavailable if your file does not contain linked information.
  2. In the Source list, click the link that you want to break.
  3. Click Break Link.

How do you fix broken links in Word?

Under the Related Documents heading, click “Edit Links to Files”. (This will be present only if there are currently links in the document.) In the dialog that opens, click on a link in the list and click the Change Source button. Select the new source file (or the new location of the old file) and click OK.

How do I make a link in Word not clickable?

Click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and finally, clear the checkbox that says Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.

How do I update Office 2013?

Newer versions of Office

  1. Open any Office app, such as Word, and create a new document.
  2. Go to File > Account (or Office Account if you opened Outlook).
  3. Under Product Information, choose Update Options > Update Now.
  4. Close the “You’re up to date!” window after Office is done checking for and installing updates.

How do you break links that won’t break?

If you cannot break links in Excel® then follow these steps (backup your file first):

  1. Unprotect each sheet in your problem file: HOME RIBBON – (CELLS) FORMAT – PROTECT SHEETS.
  2. Break links: DATA RIBBON – (CONNECTIONS) EDIT LINKS – Select sheet then BREAK LINK.

Is Microsoft Office 2013 an offline or an online installer?

Yesterday Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the next generation of Microsoft Office: Office 2013. The Home Premium edition was immediately made available for user testing, however, it was an online installer. If you’d rather prefer an offline installer, you can now get the standalone installer from Microsoft TechNet.

How do I set up a KMS host for Office 2013?

Enter your Office 2013 KMS host key when prompted. Activate the product key online. If setting up a KMS host, open port 1688 to allow the KMS host service through the firewall: Open Control Panel and click on the Windows Firewall icon. Click the “Allow a program through Windows Firewall” link. Click the Change Settings button.

How do I install Office 2013 Pro or Pro Plus?

Are youlooking for 2013 Pro or Pro Plus? To install your 365 on another device just sign in to your Microsoft account, Installs page on the computer you want to install on, and choose Install Office.

What is the file size of the Office 2013 document?

File Name: office2013volumelicensepack_4701-1000_en-us_x86.exe Date Published: 3/26/2015 File Size: 427 KB