How do you choose nail tip size?

The most important thing to remember when sizing your tips is to always oversize, not undersize. The width of the tip should fit from sidewall to sidewall for proper strength and structure. If you’re in between sizes, always go up a size and customise the tip to fit by filing or cutting the tip.

What is the most classy nail shape?

Nail Shape: Oval (U Shaped Nail) Overview: feminine, classy, classic. Wear if: you have shorter fingers or shorter hands with wide, stubby nail beds, as an oval shape will create the illusion of length. It’s also a good shape on longer fingers that have wide and short/stubby nail beds.

What is the strongest nail shape for long nails?

You’ll keep the fortitude the square shape provides and, at the same time, provide the softness and elegance of the oval. This shape is best for long, strong nails since the tapered sides significantly weaken the nail’s natural strength.

What are C curve nail tips?

A c-curve, as it relates to nails, is the curvature or arch of a nail as seen when looking at the nail from the tip toward the cuticle.

Are C curve nails stronger?

Quite simply, c-curves provide strength. Typically salon-style nails have approximately a 30% c-curve (about 1/3 of a circle). Nails created with correct structure and c-curve provide strength so that any force applied to the nail is absorbed by the shape of the nail.

What is the best nail shape for your manicure style?

The rounded square nail shape is the perfect place for a wide range of polishes. From a classic French manicure to a bold shade of polish, you can’t go wrong here.

How do you style rounded nails?

Rounded nails look best with a solid base coat and a glitter topcoat or small nail decals in a pattern. Keep the theme of simplicity going by using shapes like stars to decorate them or by utilizing negative space on the nail to give them a high fashion look.

What are the most popular nail styles of 2019?

1. Nude Nails In the last years, the nude nail trend has taken wings, as lots of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, or Bella Hadid are wearing it. This popular nail style presents a picture of elegance and simplicity without the need to try too hard to obtain a sophisticated look.

How to choose the best nails for your nail bed?

For wide nail beds, the best choices are almond- and oval-shaped nails. You can use any round shape with a good chance of success. Try to avoid pointed styles or square styles since they can make your nails look wider. If you’re familiar with the nail art world, you probably already know the various shapes that nails can come in.