How do you find something you lost on a bus?

Items don’t immediately make it to the Lost and Found. If you lost an item on a bus, call 511 to see if your property is at the bus depot. Articles lost on a bus or turned in to a Bus Operator are delivered to that bus or driver’s bus depot. We hold items at the depot before sending them to Lost and Found.

What do you do if you lose something on a London bus?

Contact details and opening hours

  1. Online: Use our enquiry form.
  2. Phone: If we have told you that we’ve found your property, or if you need help with managing your enquiry, call us on 0343 222 1234 – charges apply.
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Collection point: 63-81 Pelham St, London SW7 2NJ (closest Tube: South Kensington).

What do you do if you leave your phone on the bus?

Report to the police where it was lost and to the bus company. Beyond that there is nothing you can do until it is turned on, connected to the Internet, and you had enable Find My Phone prior to its loss.

Where do you look when you lose something?

Look in places where you’ve lost this object before.

  • For example, you may leave your keys in the lock, find your glasses on your head, or forget your computer bag in your car.
  • If you’ve lost your sunglasses, for example, think about where your normal glasses tend to be, especially when you think you’ve lost them.

What do you do if you lose your phone at school?

That’s not always the case, however, so here’s what you should do immediately after losing your smartphone.

  1. Call or Text Your Phone.
  2. Lock It Down.
  3. Locate Your Phone Via GPS.
  4. Set Up a Lock-Screen Message.
  5. Report Your Phone Lost or Stolen.
  6. Protect Your Accounts.
  7. Suspend Your Service.
  8. Wipe All Data From Your Phone.

What do you do when you lose something important?

What can I do to feel better after losing something I loved?

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. It is actually okay and normal to be upset for weeks to come when you lose something you relied on.
  2. Give yourself time. Consider it like a kind of mourning.
  3. Do some digging. The best way to get over something is often to go through it.