How do you get the star stand tall on the four pillars Mario 64?

Once you’ve stepped on all four pillars the tip of the pyramid breaks off, revealing a hole that you can drop into. Use the Koopa Shell or Wing Cap to reach the top of the pyramid. Without a power up, you can run toward the pyramid and spiral around it, going up the steps to reach the top.

How do you get the fourth star in Shifting Sand Land?

Shifting Sand Land Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars Stand tall on all four, like the level name says, and you’ll blow the top off the pyramid. Now fall through the new hole atop the pyramid – use the wing cap to get up there. You’ll be lowed down to a unique entrance in the pyramid.

How do you get to the top of the tower in Super Mario 64?

Take the shortcut up the fortress by standing at the base of the dirt path and performing a back jump (jump while crouched) to reach the top of the stone wall (it has a row of coins on top). Run up the length of the wall — following the yellow arrows on the ground.

How do you get on top of the roof in Super Mario 64?

Head to the far right side of the castle. There will be a ramp going down into the moat and a grass wall that players will be able to jump off of. If the player performs a triple jump and on the third jump lands on the grass wall, they will slide towards the roof ledge and grab it.

How do you use the wing cap in Mario 64?

The Wing Cap is a power-up that is acquired by hitting a red !- Block. When Mario touches the Wing Cap, it allows him to fly across the course – much like a glider. Tilting the stick up causes Mario to dive, and tilting it down causes him to lift.

How do you do the mystery of the monkey cage?

It’s Monkey Time Stand right where the monkey is about to land and press the attack button to grab him. Let the monkey go when he asks you to and follow him as he slowly marches back down the hill. Talk to him again and he’ll release the Power Star from his cage. The star falls down to the base of the waterfall.

Where is the Koopa shell in Shifting Sand Land?

Star Six — Pyramid Puzzle Jump on top of the first structure you see (just past the first group of enemies) and break the yellow box to get the koopa shell and ride it around the pyramid to reach the front entrance.

How do you get the star on top of the castle in Mushroom Kingdom?

Find the scarecrow on the roof and use it to make a flagpole appear that will allow you climb to the very top of the Castle. Once there perform a Dive Jump to reach the Star on top of the tower.