How do you make a dice out of paper templates?


  1. 1Print out the template. Print out either of these cube templates on A4 or Letter size cardstock.
  2. 2Cut out. Cut out the cube templates.
  3. 3Fold along the inside lines. Fold each cube template along the inside lines.
  4. 4Draw dots.
  5. 5Put glue on one tab.
  6. 6Glue the tab.
  7. 7Assemble the cube.
  8. 8Make a pair of dice.

How do you make homemade dice?

To make your own dice:

  1. Print this page out – there are two die here to let you practice.
  2. Cut the die out along its outside border.
  3. Fold the die along each of the six sides (along the lines).
  4. With small pieces of clear tape, tape each edge to another edge.
  5. Roll the die to see if it works, then play the game!!

How do you make a big dice out of paper?


  1. Print dice template.
  2. Cut along the exterior lines.
  3. Draw your numbers or symbols on the squares.
  4. Fold along the interior lines to shape the cube.
  5. Glue the tabs to hold the dice together.
  6. Play!

How do you label dice?

The most common type of die is a six-sided cube with the numbers 1-6 placed on the faces. The value of the roll is indicated by the number of “spots” showing on the top. For the six-sided die, opposite faces are arranged to always sum to seven.

How do you make big dice at home?

Small store-bought dice are fine for small board games, but for GIANT games, you need GIANT dice!…Tute #1: Temporary Giant Dice

  1. Find a set of boxes that are as nearly cube-shaped as you can manage.
  2. Cut down the boxes to size.
  3. Wrap the boxes like they’re presents.
  4. Tape or paint on the dice markings.

How do you make a big dice in your yard?

  1. Cut the 4 x 4 Post. 4 x 4 lumber is actually 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, so measure and mark 3 1/2-inches on your post to make a perfect cube.
  2. Set Up the Clamps. Lay a clamp near the edge of the work table.
  3. Rout the Edges. Put a die into the clamp with one cut end facing upward.
  4. Mark the Dice Dots.
  5. Drill.
  6. Sand.
  7. Paint.
  8. Play.

What is standard dice size?

Standard dice are generally 16mm in size, but it is not uncommon to see “standard dice” vary between 14mm and 16mm.

How do you make a dice template?

Print dice template. Cut along the exterior lines. Draw your numbers or symbols on the squares. Fold along the interior lines to shape the cube. Glue the tabs to hold the dice together.

How do you fold dice to play with?

Then fold the dice in on itself on the interior lines. Use the flaps to tape or glue your dice together. Play with Your Dice! It’s that easy! I will say that an adult will probably need to help with the taping. It can be hard for little hands to hold everything in place.

Can you print up your own dice?

You can print up your own dice and make exactly what you need when you need it. Here is how to make paper dice at home with a free printable pattern. Play with Your Dice! This is a super easy fix if you need dice with specific markings or just don’t want to buy one. Step one is to print out the pattern.

Can you cure the winter blues with a paper dice template?

If your homeschool family is getting stir-crazy this winter, use this printable paper dice template from Alpha Omega Publications to cure your winter blues with these 6 outdoor activities you can bring inside. After your dice is made, simply roll the dice and let the indoor action begin!