How do you pass arguments to a subroutine in Perl?

You can pass various arguments to a Perl subroutine like you do in any other programming language and they can be accessed inside the function using the special array @_. Thus the first argument to the function is in [0],thesecondisin_[1], and so on.

How do you pass parameters in subroutine?

To pass parameters to a subroutine, the calling program pushes them on the stack in the reverse order so that the last parameter to pass is the first one pushed, and the first parameter to pass is the last one pushed. This way the first parameter is on top of the stack and the last one is at the bottom of the stack.

What is a hash reference in Perl?

A hash is a basic data type in Perl. It uses keys to access its contents. A hash ref is an abbreviation to a reference to a hash. References are scalars, that is simple values. It is a scalar value that contains essentially, a pointer to the actual hash itself.

How do I pass an array to a subroutine in Perl?

Passing an array to a subroutine

  1. First, we defined an array of integers @a .
  2. Next, we passed a reference to the array @a to the subroutine &max , specified by \@a .
  3. Then, inside the subroutine &max , we defined a lexical variable $aref and set its values to the array reference stored in the argument array @_.

How do I pass a variable by reference in Perl?

When a variable is passed by reference function operates on original data in the function. Passing by reference allows the function to change the original value of a variable. When the values of the elements in the argument arrays @_ are changed, the values of the corresponding arguments will also change.

Is Perl pass by reference or value?

Perl always passes by reference.

How do I create a reference in Perl?

Reference Creation

  1. A reference to an anonymous hash can be created using the curly brackets {} around the key and value pairs.
  2. A reference to an anonymous array can be created using the square brackets [].
  3. A reference to an anonymous subroutine can also be created with the help of sub.