How do you pluralize rendezvous?

The plural of rendezvous is rendezvous The distinction is in the pronunciation. The “s” at the end is silent in the singular form but it pronounced as “z” in the plural form. Rendezvous comes from the French word rendez-vous Rendezvouses is also accepted but it’s rare.

What is prearranged rendezvous?

1. 1. The definition of a rendezvous is a pre-arranged meeting, or a pre-arranged meeting place. When two people agree to meet for lunch, this is an example of a rendezvous. A popular table in a restaurant where two people often meet is an example of a rendezvous.

What is a randevu?

randevu (definite accusative randevuyu, plural randevular) date (pre-arranged social meeting), rendezvous. appointment.

Is the word rendezvous singular or plural?

Rendezvous comes from the French word rendez-vous, and has kept almost the same spelling (only losing its hyphen) and a somewhat similar pronunciation (I think ran-dey-voo is more common than ran-duh-voo). The usual plural is identical to the singular, like in French. Rendezvouses also exists, but it’s uncommon.

How do you pronounce rendezvous in French?

noun, plural ren·dez·vous [rahn-duh-vooz; French rahn-de-voo].

How do you use randevu?

The police were informed and went to the rendezvous where the defendant was waiting. I said that these detachment sections must be under a commander, and they have to come to a rendezvous. There was a time when the town hall was considered as a club and social rendezvous.

What is a synonym for rendezvous?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rendezvous, like: affair, tryst, meeting-place, meet, engagement, , rendevous, appointment, date, gather and gathering.

How do you pronounce Xanthosis?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Xanthosis. xan-tho-sis. x-an-tho-sis. zăn-thō′sĭs. x-anthosis.
  2. Meanings for Xanthosis. an abnormal yellow discoloration of the skin.
  3. Translations of Xanthosis. Arabic : صفار Russian : Ксантохромия

How do you spell Ron de vou?

noun, plural ren·dez·vous [rahn-duh-vooz; French rahn-de-voo].

  1. an agreement between two or more persons to meet at a certain time and place.
  2. the meeting itself.
  3. a place designated for a meeting or assembling, especially of troops or ships.
  4. a meeting of two or more spacecraft in outer space.

What is the plural of rendezvous?

The plural form of rendezvous is rendezvous or rendezvouses (nonstandard, rare) . Find more words! What is another word for rendezvous? What is the opposite of rendezvous?

What is the meaning of Favori in French?

“ favori ” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé ( The Digitized Treasury of the French Language ). From Old French favorit, favori, past participle of favorir (“to favor”) . From French favori .

Is it correct to say I rendezvous with a friend?

“I had a rendezvous with a friend” (you two had agreed to meet in a particular place at a particular time, or at least in a particular place during a particular time interval) is fine. So is “I rendezvoused with my friend” (we met at the time and place that we’d agreed).