How do you successfully hunt Blacktail Deer?

Ambush Hunting Blacktails are best ambushed from tree stands. Rather than agricultural fields that are so familiar to hunters who target whitetail deer from tree stands in the East, blacktail hunters along the West Coast typically hunt near well-used deer trails in terrain that is often brushy or heavily timbered.

What is the best bait for Blacktail Deer?

Wet cob works great for me. I had a lot of apples at my disposal this year but I used both. Earlier in the fall they would eat the apples first, but later in December they started eating the wet cob first. The wet cob is about $10 for a 50# bag, so it can get a little expensive.

Where do Blacktail Deer bed down?

Look here for young blacktails in mid-October, as they’ll often bed on benches or in other openings. They’ll also bed adjacent to or even smack in the middle of briar patches, Scotch broom thickets, tall fireweed and other grasses.

Where do blacktail deer go during the day?

Black-tailed deer are active at dusk and dawn. During the day they rest in thickets near streams of water. They migrate from higher altitudes where they spend the summer to lower elevations during the winter. These ungulates are browsers and can be seen browsing around forests on the roadside.

How do you bait a Blacktail?

I use mineral blocks and Deercane liquid mineral in spring and summer. Then when fall hits I start using wet COB (corn, oats, and barley mix with molasses) from our grange and alfalfa. Mistletoe will also bring them in like wildcats. I try to get the does in everyday and the bucks are sure to follow come November.

Does apple juice attract deer?

Apple juice will definitely cause deer to come and investigate the smell, but of course you could not hunt there using apple juice as mentioned above .. it would be baiting… and the area would be an active baiting site..

Where can I find Blacktail bucks?

Mendocino County is the top spot, with Clear Lake and Lake Mendocino among the prime starting points. Blacktail units in northern California continue opening throughout August and into September. California’s big-game application deadline is July 2, and blacktail hunters must apply for specific units and zones.

Where do Blacktail Deer go during the day?

What sounds do Blacktail Deer make?

They may grunt, bleat, whine, snort or stomp their feet to communicate with one another. These noises can signify aggression or simply be used to indicate to others nearby, “Hey, I’m here.” Interestingly, deer don’t call that often, so rookie hunters often make the mistake of calling too loud and too often.

Do Blacktail Deer eat corn?

Apples and corn. They can be finicky. They either love it or they won’t touch it.

How to get started bowhunting Blacktails?

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  • What do blacktail deer do on your land?

    – Get the plants out of their reach (mostly through fences), – Try a deer deterrent, – Plant deer resistant plants or – Just live with it (let the deer be deer)

    What plants attract blacktail deer?

    Caution. Any list of preferred or despised plants must come with the caveat that individual tastes and habitat stress may make the animal equivalent of chateaubriand out of some plants

  • Trees. Trees — particularly young trees with eye-level leaves — make convenient snacks for deer.
  • Shrubs.
  • Perennials.
  • When do blacktail deer rut?

    Trail Cameras Are Invaluable. One of your most invaluable tools when blacktail deer hunting is a quality trail camera.

  • Look for Does. While it might seem like an obvious tactic to hunt for Sitka blacktail deer,looking for does works like a charm.
  • Look for Rubs and Scrapes.
  • Blacktail Deer Features to Look For.
  • Choose Your Hunting Weapon Wisely.