How do you use the CityCat in Brisbane?

The card works on all public transport in Brisbane which includes buses, train and the CityCat ferry services. You can top up the balance of your Go Card at pay stations around major terminals then simply scan your card as you get on the ferry and when you get off.

How many city cats are there in Brisbane?

Brisbane City Council currently operates a fleet of 22 CityCats and five KittyCats. A network of 23 terminals stretches from The University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia to Northshore Hamilton.

Is the CityCat Free in Brisbane?

Brisbane City Council’s CityHopper is a free inner-city ferry service on the Brisbane River. You can hop on and off the CityHopper at seven stops between North Quay and Sydney Street, New Farm.

Are City Cats operating in Brisbane?

New Express CityCat services now operate on standard routes along the Brisbane River during peak periods. These regular express services began on 13 December 2021 and were implemented following Council’s Ferry Network Review and analysis of market research and patronage data.

How much is a CityCat?

At Tuesday’s chamber meeting, the council approved a long-term contract with Murarrie-based company Aus Ships to build the next double-decker CityCats at a nearly $4 million price tag per ferry. The double-decker CityCat, constructed at a cost of $3.7 million, hit the water in October.

Can I pay cash on Brisbane ferry?

Services in South East Queensland are currently cashless. If you are paying with cash, you will need to purchase a ticket before boarding your service. Even if you are an infrequent public transport user, go card is a cheaper, easier and more convenient travel option.

Why are they called city cats?

The CityCat vessels are catamarans, and named after the Aboriginal place names for various parts of the Brisbane River and adjacent areas (with the exception of the 19th CityCat, the Spirit of Brisbane, which honours the 2011 flood recovery volunteers).

Why are the city cats called city cats?

The CityCats are named after Indigenous place names around the Brisbane River, with the exceptions of Neville Bonner honouring Australia’s first indigenous parliamentarian, and the Spirit of Brisbane, dedicated to Brisbane’s community spirit following the devastating 2011 Brisbane floods.

How much is a Brisbane CityCat worth?

Two fourth generation CityCats were delivered in 2019/2020. They have a capacity of 170 passengers, including 20 on an open upper deck, plus more space for wheelchairs and bicycles than earlier generations. The vessels which each cost $3.7 million, are being constructed at Murarrie by Aus Ships.

How much does a Brisbane CityCat cost?

How much does the CityCat cost? If you’re in the mood for adventure on the water we would recommend buying a one zone ticket. It will cost $4.50 and you can make as many trips as you can manage within a two hour block.

Are the trains still running in Brisbane?

Brisbane’s Trains, Buses and Ferries Are Currently Suspended Until Further Notice.