How do you write a class officer speech?

Discuss how you will always be listening to your class members and will be open to their ideas. Close your speech by very briefly restating the things that you are going to work to achieve as a class officer. Make this the closing of your speech outline. End your speech with a memorable slogan.

What do you say in an officer election speech?

I am dedicated to my position and all of you. I aspire to be a great leader and have much success while doing so. I will think of new and creative fundraiser, while taking everyone’s opinions into consideration. My main focus is making sure we have the best high school experience possible.

How do you start a speech for a position?

Tips for a Great School Election Speech Then: Introduce yourself and give a quick – emphasis on quick – summary of your successes in and out of school. Present your main issues and intended solutions. Encourage your audience to vote for you.

How do you start a class rep speech?

Talk briefly about who you are and why you’re running.

  1. State your name and grade in school. This may feel somewhat unnecessary if you go to a small school, but it’s considered a formality.
  2. State what you want.
  3. Try to keep this section brief as it’s not as important as your qualifications and plans to improve the school.

How do you start a class president speech?

#4: Ace Your Campaign Speech

  1. Introduce yourself (It may seem obvious, but it will help students who may not know you).
  2. Say why you want to be president and why you’re qualified.
  3. State your platform (what you plan to do differently).
  4. Say how you plan to accomplish your goals.
  5. End with your campaign slogan.

How can I introduce myself in class speech?

Make an outline of your speech.

  1. State your name in the very first sentence of your speech.
  2. If the introduction is work-related, mention your interests and your career goals together in the same sentence.
  3. You may want to mention your education or professional training background, if it is relevant and appropriate.