How hard is it to get into UBC law?

There is no specific minimum LSAT score or CGPA that is required to apply, but higher scores will make your application more competitive. Over the years, successful applicants within the General Category had an average CGPA of 83% – approximately 3.8 – with an LSAT score of 166.

What percentage of applicants get into law school?

What percentage of students get into law school? In the United States, the average acceptance rate declined in 2019 from 46.1% the previous year to 45.1%. Statistics show that 115 law schools in America had declines in their acceptance rates in recent years, and 35 schools had an acceptance rate of 30% or less.

Does UBC drop your lowest grade law school?

(UBC uses a student’s highest LSAT score. GPA based on all years of undergraduate study, but UBC drops lowest 12 credits from calculation of admissions GPA for applicants who have graduated and drops lowest 6 credits from admissions GPA for applicants in their third year of college.)

Is University of British Columbia good for law?

Established in 1945, the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is one of the largest schools of common law in Canada. Offering its students a wide array of courses and specialization and practical learning opportunities, the Faculty has become known as one of the world’s best law schools.

What LSAT score do I need for UBC?

Applicants should regard their satisfaction of the entrance requirements as meaning only that they are eligible for selection. The median applicant accepted has an academic average of approximately 83%, with an LSAT score of 166 (91st percentile).

What is the acceptance rate for Columbia law school?

18.4% (2012)Columbia Law School / Acceptance rate

What Major has the highest acceptance rate to law school?

Economics majors have the highest average LSAT score, as well as the highest acceptance rate into law school. For those interested, there were 632 applicants who majored in pre-law, and they had an average LSAT score of 148 and an acceptance rate of 64%.

What is UBC law known for?

The Peter A. Allard School of Law at UBC is one of the world’s leading centres for legal education and research. Its faculty members engage in research with local, national, and global impact and provide students with some of the most extensive and innovative curricular opportunities of any Canadian law school.

How much do lawyers make in BC?

The average salary for a lawyer is $100,863 per year in British Columbia.

What are the admission rates for UBCV and UBCO?

Domestic students have an admission rate of 58 per cent for UBCV and 74 per cent for UBCO. In contrast, international students have admission rates of 44 per cent in Vancouver and 71 per cent for the Okanagan.

How many Aboriginal students are studying at UBC?

UBC has 1,856 self-identified Aboriginal students in total — 1,207 at the Vancouver campus and 649 at the Okanagan campus. They represent 2.1 per cent of the total population of UBCV students and 6.1 per cent of UBCO students.

Do you know how many people go to UBC?

In case you haven’t realized it yet, a lot of people go to UBC. Just under 68,000 students are spread across UBC’s campuses, and over 70,000 prospective students completed applications to attend the university last year.

What is the student retention rate at UBC?

UBC has an overall undergraduate retention rate of 91 per cent, meaning the amount of full-time first-year students who progress onto their second year of university. However, a smaller share of first-year students actually go on to complete their degrees.