How hard is the Oodnadatta Track?

Although the word ‘Oodnadatta’ sounds remote, tough and dangerous, the Track is actually one of the easiest outback tracks to drive. In our opinion, it’s the best introduction to remote area driving (and bush camping) in the entire outback – which is one BIG reason why you should go.

Do you need a 4WD for Oodnadatta Track?

The Oodnadatta Track begins at Marree in South Australia and travels roughly northwest for 620 kilometres through the tiny town of Oodnadatta before looping back to the Stuart Highway at Marla. Although we’ve seen people travelling the track in ordinary vehicles, we really do recommend that you take a 4WD.

Is Oodnadatta Track sealed?

The Oodnadatta Track is an unsealed 617 km (383 mi) outback road in the Australian state of South Australia passing from Marree in the south-east to Marla in the north-west via Oodnadatta.

How long does it take to do the Oodnadatta Track?

Anyway, 10 to 12 hours is a better estimation for the entire route. You can expect to go at a speed of 60 to 80 km/h most of the time. But as there is so much to see, I would suggest 2 to 3 days for the trip. Always drive according to the conditions & expect a change in the road surface any time.

Can you see Lake Eyre from Oodnadatta Track?

The quickest and easiest way to see Lake Eyre National Park is to drive from Adelaide to Roxby Downs, take the Borefield Track and then turn left at the T-junction with the Oodnadatta Track. Less than half an hour later, you’ll see Lake Eyre South.

What is Oodnadatta famous for?

Founded in 1890, Oodnadatta served as the northern terminus of the Central Australian Railway (until the railway was extended to Alice Springs some 280 miles [450 km] north-northwest in 1929), and it was the starting point for camel caravans laden with supplies for the remote communities of the desert interior.

Who lives in Oodnadatta?

At the 2016 census, the population of Oodnadatta was 204 with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people making up 53.3% of the population. This was a decrease on 2006, when the population was 277, of whom less than half were Indigenous. In 2016, 61.7% of people spoke only English at home.

Is Oodnadatta the hottest place in Australia?

The highest temperature ever recorded in Australia is 50.7 °C (123.3 °F), which was recorded on 13 January 2022 at Onslow, Western Australia, and 2 January 1960 at Oodnadatta, South Australia.

Can u swim in Lake Eyre?

So much so that the salt crust (at around 300mm thick max) often doesn’t completely dissolve before the Lake dries again. Swimming in this water, assuming you are prepared to walk through the mud far enough to get to deep enough water, can be extremely painful.

Where is the Oodnadatta Track?

The Oodnadatta Track is a beautiful outback track that follows the old Ghan Railway line from Marla to Marree in South Australia and can be taken in either direction.

Is fuel available all year round at the Oodnadatta Track?

Thanking you. This information is contained in the ‘Resources’ section of the article. The Oodnadatta Track is a big, public road and is open ALL year round as people live along it. Fuel is available all year round.

How many times will she make us drive on Oodnadatta?

She’ll make us drive on it at least twice every year. Dive in and find out why we love this legendary outback track so much. Although the word ‘Oodnadatta’ sounds remote, tough and dangerous, the Track is actually one of the easiest outback tracks to drive.

Can I take my Dog on the Oodnadatta Track?

The only part of the Oodnadatta Track that travels through a national park is at the south end, a section of Lake Eyre National Park. I don’t think you’d have any problem taking the dog through this on a public road, however. As we do not travel with our dogs, we can’t advise on caravan parks’ policies about this.