How is Bidriware made?

Process of making bidriware Bidriware undergoes an eight-stage process: moulding, smoothening by file, designing by chisels, engraving by chisel and hammer, pure silver inlaying, smoothening again, buffing and finally oxidising by soil and ammonium chloride.

Which state is famous for Bidriware?

The beautiful craft of Bidri appears to have had its origins in Persia and its development and efflorescence happened at Bidar, now in the Karnataka state, in southern India.

Which city is famous for Bidriware?

Bidri Ware – A Magic in Black and Silver Bidriware Derives its name from Bidar. The 500 year old art is Persian in origin, but bidriware is purely Indian innovation. This art of engraving and inlaying is handed down by generations and is execlusive to Bidar.

How do you clean Bidriware?

Never use Soaps, salts and acid to clean Bidriware. Clean Bidriware only with water and a soft cloth. You can use silver polish to shine the inlay work and then rub vegetable oil to sparkle the entire surface.

Which is most famous craft form of Telangana?

Bidri craft is the pride of the Telangana region. This unique art of silver engraved on metal was brought initially by Iran migrants to the region. Bidri art involves using an alloy of Copper and Zinc, called Gunmetal.

Who is the father of bidriware?

Answer. Answer: Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is the father of Bidiriware handicrafts.

Which material is used in Bidri craft?

Zinc- molten alloy and copper are main important raw materials used in Bidri craft making.

Which handicraft is famous in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad’s handicraft market is diverse: from exquisite pearl jewellery to silver-inlaid bidriware and wooden carvings of Hindu gods and goddesses, it abounds in a variety of unique exhibits. Some of these artisan crafts have been around for centuries and passed down, within families, generation by generation.

Which types of crafts are growing in Telangana?

The Arts & Crafts of Telangana

  • Pochampally. The Pochampally sari originates in the Nalgonda District of Telangana.
  • Durries and Carpets.
  • Bidri.
  • Cheriyal Scroll Paintings.

Is famous for Bidri work?

Bidar in Karnataka is famous for the Bidri work. It is situated in the Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra which are the borders of Karnataka. The metal that is used to make this craft is the blackened alloy of copper and zinc inlaid with the thin sheets of the pure silver.

What is Bidari craft?

Bidriware is a renowned metal handicraft that derives its name from Bidar, presently in Karnataka. It was believed to have originated in 14th century AD during the reign of Bahamani Sultans. The term ‘Bidriware’ therefore represents the manufacture of a unique metalware that is named after the region of Bidar.

What is famous for Bidri work?