How is bio-oil manufactured?

Bio-oil is a liquid product produced by fast pyrol- ysis of biomass. The fast pyrolysis is performed by heating the biomass rapidly (2 sec) at temperatures ranging from 350 to 650 oC.

What were the 3 products of refining oil?

Not all crude oil is the same Refineries can produce high-value products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel from light crude oil with simple distillation.

What is co processing refinery?

Co-processing is a process where biogenic feedstocks are co-processed with petroleum intermediate products such as vacuum gas oil to produce renewable hydrocarbon fuels. The biogenic feedstocks suitable for co-processing include upgraded pyrolysis oil, vegetable oil, used cooking oil and animal fat/tallow.

Is bio-oil a biofuel?

3.3 Bio-Oil. Bio-oil is another important biofuel that can be obtained from thermochemical conversion of biomass, such as pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction [29].

Is Bio-Oil environmentally friendly?

Switching to alternative, sustainable fuels – such as bio-oil made from farm and forestry waste – would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help to fight global warming.

Is Bio-Oil sustainable?

Bio-oil is sustainable, renewable, environmentally friendly and cheap biofuels for oil boilers. Besides the fact that biofuels are better for the environment, compared to alternative fossil fuels, there are also money to be saved by switching to biofuels for your oil boiler.

How does co-processing work?

Co-processing is a waste management system in which waste materials are converted into alternative fuels and/or raw materials. In TONTOTON’s case, co-processing refers to the use of a cement kiln to cleanly burn plastic waste as an alternative energy source while utilizing the ash leftovers in the cement itself.

What is co-processing waste?

Geocycle offers waste treatment solutions based on a unique industrial process called co-processing. It refers to the simultaneous recycling of mineral materials and recovery of energy within one single industrial process: cement manufacturing.

Is bio-oil renewable?

Bio-oil components are the most renewable energy carriers produced from bio-mass which have been selected for hydrogen production.

Is bio-oil environmentally friendly?