How long can I work abroad without tax implications UK?

As a rule of thumb, your risk of becoming tax resident in another country becomes significantly higher once you spend more than six months (183 days) in that country. But you could become tax resident there even if you spend less time than that.

Can I be employed in the UK and live abroad?

If you live abroad and are employed in the UK, your tax is calculated automatically on the days you work in the UK. Income Tax is no longer automatically taken from interest on savings and investments.

How long can I work outside the UK?

183 days
The number of days the employee is present in the host country over a 12-month period (however briefly and irrespective of the reason) must not exceed 183 days.

Can I work remotely in the UK from another country?

As the world returns to normal, many people see the opportunity to work remotely in warmer EU climates. However, in reality, most UK employers will not accept employees based outside the UK unless you are a contractor or set up as an independent Ltd company.

How long do you have to work overseas to be tax free?

330 days
Any 12-month period can be used if the 330 days in a foreign country fall within that period. You do not have to begin a 12-month period with your first full day in a foreign country or to end it with the day you leave. You can choose the 12-month period that gives you the greatest exclusion.

Can I work remotely in another country UK?

If a UK employee works remotely from abroad, the position is more complex. The basic rule is that employers must continue to calculate and deduct income tax through the “pay as you earn” tax system from all payments made to UK employees temporarily working abroad.

Can HMRC chase you abroad?

You may have asked yourself, “Can HMRC chase me abroad?”, and it’s a common fear for expats far and wide. Technically, yes they can. In 2019, HMRC wrote to 1700 freelancers, threatening them with heavy fines if they didn’t declare their tax avoidance by 5th April.

Can I work abroad and still be taxable in the UK?

If you work abroad temporarily, you will need to consider your tax position in the UK and the overseas country separately. If you work overseas where you work, you are likely to be taxable in the overseas country. Whether or not you remain taxable in the UK will depend on your residence position. This is determined by the Statutory Residence Test.

How many hours can you work overseas in a tax year?

You average at least a 35 hour working week overseas over the course of the tax year and; Visits to the UK during your overseas assignment do not exceed 90 residence days or 30 workdays back in the UK in a full tax year. There are no significant breaks in your employment.

Do I have to pay UK tax on foreign income?

If you’re not classed as a UK resident, you won’t have to pay UK tax on foreign income. If you’re non-domiciled, you don’t pay UK tax on foreign income or capital gains if they’re less than £2,000 in the tax year and you don’t bring them into the UK – ie. don’t transfer them to a UK bank account.

Do I have to pay tax if I live abroad?

If you satisfy all these conditions then you will be taxed as though you were a non-resident for the overseas part of the tax year. If you meet the requirements of this case it is not necessary for you to consider whether either of the remaining two cases apply.