How long do Austra White chickens live?

6-10 years
Austra White Chicken

Breed Name: Austra White Chicken
Hen (Female) Weight: 5 lbs
Color: Rooster is generally all white; hen is white with some black flecks
Egg Color: White or cream
Lifespan: 6-10 years

What color eggs do Austra white chickens lay?

Austra whites are excellent layers of large, cream colored eggs, and they have a docile, even temperament.

Are Austra White chickens friendly?

Temperament: Austra Whites are known to be quite tame and docile. History: Austra Whites were developed in the early 1900s. Many people who raise Leghorns do so because they want a prolific layer of white eggs, but then find they do not like the nervous and flighty nature of the breed.

What is the best chicken for laying eggs in South Africa?

The best layer breeds are Amberlink or Hy-line. These will start laying within two weeks of being bought (20 to 21 weeks of age). Pullet eggs are small at first, but they gradually increase in size.

How many eggs will 4 chickens lay in a week?

From this range, you can figure out how many eggs flocks of different sizes might produce: 4 hens x 200 eggs per year = 800 eggs per year, or 15+ eggs per week. 6 hens x 200 eggs per year = 1,200 eggs per year, or 23+ eggs per week. 8 hens x 200 eggs per year = 1,600 eggs per year, or 30+ eggs per week.

What are the easiest chickens to raise?

Top 10 Chicken Breeds for Beginners

  1. Rhode Island Reds. Rhode Island Reds were my very first chickens, and so, of course, they had to be Number one on the list.
  2. Australorp.
  3. Buff Orpingtons.
  4. Leghorns.
  5. Barred Plymouth Rock.
  6. Jersey Giant.
  7. Easter Egger.
  8. Sussex.

What is a Rainbow chicken?

The Rainbow is a dual-purpose bird that has one of the most unique feather color patterns you will ever see. It has every color you can imagine, and no two birds look alike. The best part about this breed is that they make wonderful birds for small backyard flocks allowing you to butcher them or keep the hens for eggs!