How long is a Britax B Safe 35 Good For?

6 years
Britax Expiration Dates and Where to Find Expiration Date on Britax Car Seat

model expiration date
B-Safe 35 6 years after the date of manufacture.
B-Safe 35 Elite 6 years after the date of manufacture.
Endeavours 6 years after the date of manufacture.
B-Safe Ultra 6 years after the date of manufacture.

Does Britax B Safe 35 need a base?

If need to use the carrier in a car that does not have a base, you can use a car seat belt to keep your baby safe while on the road. There are large side clips that make it easy to thread the lap belt through and the car seat sits at an appropriate angle when installed without a base.

Do Britax car seats have expiration dates?

Britax car seats have a service life of anywhere from 6 to 10 years from the date of manufacture (not from when you bought it so make sure to check the serial label and read the instruction manual!).

How do I know when my Britax car seat expires?

You can find the date of manufacture on the child restraint/booster seat serial label.

What is the difference between the Britax B-Safe 35 and Ultra?

The Britax B-Safe Ultra seat has 2 more harness slot height positions than the B-Safe 35, but both have 2 crotch buckle strap depths. The B-Safe 35 options are: Harness Slot Heights at 5/7/9/11 inches. Crotch Buckle Strap Depths of 4 & 6 inches.

Is Britax the safest infant car seat?

After two months of testing and a thorough debrief, our team picked the Britax – B-Safe Ultra as the best infant car seat.

What is the weight limit for Britax infant car seat?

BRITAX INFANT CAR SEATS Fit children from birth to 35 pounds (15.9 kgs), are rear-facing only, and offer the convenience of transporting sleeping baby from car to stroller and back again.

How much does Britax infant car seat cost?

This accessory is crash tested and approved for use with all Britax harnessed car seats. It comes standard with the Endeavours and B-Safe Ultra models, but it is also available as a separate purchase for $10-15. This table (best viewed on a desktop computer) examines features for all eight Britax Convertible Car Seat Models.

What is the best baby car seat?

Best Baby Car Seat Brands 1. Graco. For over 60 years, Graco has been designing baby products and car seats that center around safety and durability. It all started when one of the company’s engineers, Rex Thomas, realized the importance of safe, convenient baby products in his own family. Although their original focus was on baby swings

How to contact Britax car seat?

– Secure your child in the car seat, buckle the harness, and tighten the harness by pulling on the harness adjuster strap. – Using your thumb and pointer finger, try to pinch one of the harness straps at your child’s collar bone level. – If you’re able to pinch the strap, the harness is too loose. You should not be able to pinch any excess webbing.

How to install Britax infant car seat base?

Britax Infant Car Seat Base Gen2 provides ultimate travel flexibility. It’s designed with a high-strength steel frame and a crumple zone that helps absorb crash energy. Exclusive SafeCenter LATCH makes it easy to achieve secure installation – connect lower anchors, pull straps to tighten & click carrier into the base.