How long will a Birmingham hip resurfacing last?

Our study shows that the performance of the BHR continues to be good at 12- to 15-year follow-up. Men have better implant survival (98.0%; 95% CI 97.4 to 98.6) at 15 years than women (91.5%; 95% CI 89.8 to 93.2), and women < 60 years (90.5%; 95% CI 88.3 to 92.7) fare worse than others.

Is hip resurfacing still done?

“Today, there’s no longer a large number of patients for whom hip resurfacing makes sense. Occasionally, resurfacing is still done in young active patients, but they are a very small subset of hip patients.”

What is the success rate of hip resurfacing?

At short- to mid-term follow-up, clinical success has been reported to be greater than 94% of patients who have undergone a resurfacing hip arthroplasty [8–11]. Clinical outcomes may improve when orthopaedic surgeons move beyond their learning curves and use narrower, more rigorous selection criteria [12, 13].

Who is the best hip replacement surgeon in UK?

Leading London hip & knee surgeon Mr Simon Bridle specialises exclusively in hip and knee replacement surgery. His data shows that he has performed nearly 1000 primary hips, 500 primary knees and over 500 hip and knee revision cases in the last 10 years.

Is hip resurfacing better than replacement?

Potential Advantages of Hip Resurfacing over Hip Replacement: Preservation of bone on the thigh bone, potentially making revision surgery easier. Reduced risk for dislocation (where the ball disengages from the socket) due to the large size of the ball when compared to most hip replacements.

What is the best hospital for orthopedics UK?

The UK’s largest orthopaedic hospital, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, has been ranked number 9 in a global ranking of orthopaedic centres by Newsweek magazine. The RNOH was ranked number 1 in the UK and also made the top 50 in the overall global ranking of hospitals.

Where is the best place to have hip replacement surgery?

Highest-rated hospitals for hip surgery

  • Alabama. Thomas Hospital, Fairhope.
  • Arizona. Arizona Spine and Joint Hospital, Mesa.
  • California. Fresno Surgical Hospital, Fresno.
  • Colorado. Porter Adventist Hospital, Denver.
  • Connecticut. Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Hartford.
  • Florida.
  • Illinois.

Can you have a second hip resurfacing?

Over time, however, a hip replacement can fail for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, your doctor may recommend that you have a second operation to remove some or all of the parts of the original prosthesis and replace them with new ones. This procedure is called revision total hip replacement.

What is the average age of a hip replacement patient?

Today, the average hip replacement age is younger than ever. Thanks to baby boomers looking for a continued active lifestyle and the advancement of artificial joints, the average age of hip replacement patients is just under 65 years old and continues to decline.