How many barangays are there in San Emilio Ilocos Sur?

8 barangays
Barangays. San Emilio is politically subdivided into 8 barangays.

How many LGUS are in Ilocos Sur?

Ilocos Sur has 32 municipalities and 2 cities. The total number of barangays in the province is 768….Local government units.

Name Ilocos Sur Total
Population (2020) 706,009
Population (2015) 689,668
Annual Population Growth Rate (2015‑2020) 0.49%
Area (2013), in km2 2,596.00

What are the barangays of Sta Maria Ilocos Sur?


  • Ag-agrao.
  • Ampuagan.
  • Baballasioan.
  • Baliw Daya (San Gelacio)
  • Baliw Laud (Simbuok)
  • Bia-o.
  • Butir.
  • Cabaroan.

What is the product of San Emilio Ilocos Sur?

San Emilio – Rice wine or tapey Tapey is the traditional wine of Igorots and Ilocano.

What is the first district of Ilocos Sur?

Ilocos Sur’s 1st congressional district
Location of Ilocos Sur within the Philippines
Province Ilocos Sur
Region Ilocos Region
Population 292,280 (2015)

Who is the mayor of Ilocos Sur?

Mayor Juan Carlo Singson Medina
Rodrigo Duterte appointed Mayor Juan Carlo Singson Medina of Vigan, Ilocos Sur as the RDC-1 Chairperson.

What is Labtang?

Labtang is a durable twiner vine perfect as material in making bags, baskets, trays, flower vases, and home decor among others. And in the upland municipality of Suyo, there’s an abundance of labtang.

How many barangays are there in Ilocos Sur?

The province of Ilocos Sur has 768 barangays comprising its 32 towns and 2 cities. * Italicized names are former names. *Dashes (–) in cells indicate unavailable census data.

How many barangays are there in Cagayan province?

The province of Cagayan has 820 barangays comprising its 28 municipalities and 1 city. Abulug: Alitungtung 440 414 416 371 332 Amulung: Allasitan 1,127 1,098 1,077 999 1,082 Pamplona: Alucao 1,411 1,235 1,037 857 694 Santa Teresita: Alucao Weste (San Lorenzo) 791 766

What is the population of San Emilio?

San Emilio is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Ilocos Sur. The municipality has a land area of 141.44 square kilometers or 54.61 square miles which constitutes 5.45% of Ilocos Sur’s total area. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 7,206.