How many fans do Tottenham have worldwide?

180 million
Estimates of the size of the club’s fanbase vary, the club claims to have three million fans in the UK, and over 180 million around the world who follow the team’s progress.

Is JK Rowling a Spurs fan?

JK Rowling – Tottenham Hotspur You never know who you could see in the stands. Her father was a Spurs fan and it’s a ‘family thing’ she reckons “I’m not a very passionate supporter and I certainly don’t get very depressed if they’re not doing very well but if I was to turn up to watch anyone it would be Spurs…”

What footballers support Tottenham?

Five footballers you probably didn’t know used to support their club’s rivals

  • HARRY KANE. ‘He’s one of our own’ goes the chant at Tottenham about the prolific England international striker.

What is Spurs Y word?

The “Y-word” is a pejorative term or insult for Jewish people, which is used ironically by Tottenham fans. Some of the club’s key findings revealed: Members of our fanbase feel uncomfortable with the “Y-word’s” continued use at matches.

Who are Tottenham’s biggest rivals?

The North London derby is the association football local rivalry in England between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both of which are based in North London. Fans of both clubs consider the other to be their main rivals, and the derby is considered by many to be one of the most famous and fiercest derbies in the world.

Is Tom Holland a Tottenham fan?

Spider-Man actor and Tottenham fan Tom Holland reveals PSG star Kylian Mbappe’s reaction when he asked him to join Spurs – At least he has Heung-Min Son!

Is Adele a Tottenham fan?

The North London born singer is a huge Tottenham fan and she is certainly not shy about showing it. On her US tour in 2016, Adele proudly posed underneath a Tottenham Hotspur scarf emblazoned with the words “The Pride of London.”

What is the Y word at Tottenham?

The “Y-word” is a pejorative term or insult for Jewish people, which is used ironically by Tottenham fans. In 2019, the club found that 33% of respondents in a survey used the “Y-word” in a footballing context, while almost half of the people who took part wanted to see the word used less, or not at all.

Was Bob Marley a Tottenham fan?

Marley was a fan of Brazilian club side Santos FC, but also supported English side Tottenham Hotspur. The Three Little Birds singer was a fan of Spurs’ Argentine midfielder Ossie Ardiles, who played for the club from 1978 for a decade.

Is Mark Wahlberg a Spurs fan?

WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Is A Tottenham Fan And He Doesn’t Like Arsenal | TheSPORTbible.