How many Gulfstreams have crashed?

Hull-losses: 52
Hull-loss accidents: 32 with a total of 135 fatalities
Criminal occurences (hull-losses, excl. hijackings): 16 with a total of 15 fatalities
Hijackings: 0 with a total of 0 fatalities
Survival rate: 7.5% of all occupants survived fatal accidents

Is Tunisair safe?

Tunisair is Certified as a 2-Star Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Which private jet company has the best safety record?

VistaJet places the safety, security and wellbeing of customers and staff above all else and offers the highest global standard for business aviation operators. We hold the highest safety ratings across flight operations, aircraft maintenance, safety risk‚ÄĎassessment and compliance standards.

What caused the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to crash?

But with the fire spreading and cockpit lights and instruments failing, the plane crashed into the Atlantic about 5 miles off the Nova Scotia coast. All 229 people aboard were killed. Investigators traced the fire to the plane’s in-flight entertainment network, whose installation led to arcing in vulnerable Kapton wires above the cockpit.

What are the list of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft?

List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft include all types of accident and incident, including mechanical failures, pilot error and military action. They include chronological lists, lists by conflict, lists by aircraft model and other lists. Losses due to military action during World War I and World War II are not included.

What happened to the L1011 plane?

Sinking rapidly, the L-1011 hit the ground about a mile short of the runway and bounced across a highway, crushing a vehicle and killing the driver. The plane then veered left and crashed into two huge airport water tanks. On board, 134 of 163 people were killed.

What caused the accident in the Honda accident?

The NTSB later determined the accident was caused by a failure by mechanics to detect a crack in the fan disk that ultimately was traced back to the initial manufacture of the titanium alloy material.