How many local government is in Osogbo?

Both the Osogbo Local Government Area and Olorunda Local Government Area are located in Osogbo city. The road to the city is 88 kilometers northeast of Ibadan….How Many Local Government Areas Are In Osogbo?

LGA Headquarters
Egbedore Awo
Ejigbo Ejigbo
Ife Central Ile-Ife
Ife East Oke-Ogbo

Who is the founder of Osogbo?

Hence, Larooye became the first traditional ruler (1st Ataoja of Osogbo) in 1670 and ruled for a period of 90 years until his death in 1760. He had no son but only begot a daughter called Abogbe who married an Offa man called Oyejin Lokuso and they gave birth to Matanmi. Content may be subject to copyright.

Where is Osogbo located?

Osogbo shares boundaries with Ikirun, Ilesa, Ede, Egbedore, Ogbomosho and Iragbiji and is easily accessible from any part of the state because of its central nature.

Why did Olarooye migrate to Ode Osogbo?

As a result, Osogbo increased in population largely due to migration from other Yoruba towns. For want of a more open place than a grove and a more central location, Olarooye and his people abandoned their settlement, including the already flourishing market and moved to Ode-Osogbo.

Who are the Ataojas of Osogbo?

The Ataoja which means the one that “stretches out his hand and takes the fish” is the traditional ruler of the people of Osogbo. The following is the list of the Ataojas of Osogbo, with the dates of their rule: ^ a b cJiboye, Adesoji David (1 March 2014).

What is the role of the Oba in Osogbo?

The present Yoruba inhabitants of Osogbo have an oba (“king”) who functions in an advisory role and holds the traditional title of ataoja (“he who stretches out his hand and takes the fish”), first given to Laro, one of the town’s founders, who, according to legend, fed the fish of the Osun River and in return received a liquid believed to be ef…