How many players from the 2001 Miami Hurricanes played in the NFL?

A total of 38 players from this roster were drafted by the NFL. That’s 17 first-round picks, six Day Two picks, and 15 from rounds 4–7. An incredible 75% of the NFL used a draft pick on some player from this team. In all, 19 of the 22 Miami starters were drafted.

Who played for the 2001 Miami Hurricanes?


Player Class Summary
Clinton Portis* JR 220 Att, 1200 Yds, 5.5 Avg
Najeh Davenport* SR 23 Att, 54 Yds, 2.3 Avg
Willis McGahee FR 67 Att, 314 Yds, 4.7 Avg
Frank Gore FR 62 Att, 562 Yds, 9.1 Avg

What year did Willis McGahee play for Miami Hurricanes?

2013Cleveland Browns
2011Denver Broncos2007Baltimore Ravens2003Buffalo Bills2000Miami Hurricanes football
Willis McGahee/Dates joined

How many draft picks did the 2001 Miami Hurricanes have?

They were invited to the Rose Bowl, which served as the BCS National Championship Game, and defeated Nebraska, 37–14, to win the school’s 5th national championship. Eventually producing a record 38 NFL Draft picks, the 2001 Hurricanes are considered by many to be the best college football team of all time.

Who is the most famous kick return man that played for the Hurricanes?

Devin Devorris Hester Sr.

No. 23, 17, 14
Position: Wide receiver Return specialist
Personal information
Born: November 4, 1982 Riviera Beach, Florida
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)

What year did Dwayne Johnson play for the Miami Hurricanes?

1995Dwayne Johnson / Date joined (Calgary Stampeders)

Who is the best college football team ever?

  1. Nebraska (1971) Many consider the 1971 version of the Cornhuskers the best college football team ever, and we can’t find any reason to disagree.
  2. USC (1972)
  3. Nebraska (1995)
  4. Army (1945)
  5. Miami (2001)
  6. Michigan (1947)
  7. Notre Dame (1947)
  8. Oklahoma (1956)