How many times can Gillette Venus razor be used?

You can use Simply Venus 3 for hair removal for 3 weeks (basis full body hair removal once a week). This hair remover can be used by any woman/girl on face, arms, underarms, legs and full body including the sensitive bikini area.

Can we use Venus razor for private area?

We recommend using the Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor. It’s specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation and glide easily across the curves of crevices of your bikini area.

Does Venus razor need shaving cream?

Venus ComfortGlide White Tea razor blades feature 3 curve-hugging blades and built-in flexible Soap Bars that when wet, release light White Tea scented body butters helping the razor glide seamlessly over your skin. No need for separate shaving cream!

Is Venus razor one time use?

Venus lasts for 2 -3 months or 7-8 times full body usage, depending on your usage. You can replace the refills when they are worn out. Push the button on your Venus handle to remove the old refill.

Which razor is best for ladies?

Best razor for women in India

  • Gillette Venus Hair Removal Razor with Aloe Vera. When working with skin, it is best to avoid chemicals that can cause damage.
  • Bombay Shaving Company Defender For Her.
  • Miniso Women’s Razor.
  • LetsShave Evior Women Body Hair Removal Razor.

How do girls use razors?

The Correct Way to Shave – Body Shaving Tips for Women

  1. Step 1: First, soak hair in the shower or bath for 2-3 minutes to soften.
  2. Step 2: Lather up with a protective shave gel like Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel.
  3. Step 3: Start shaving with the help of your razor.

How can I clean my private part hair?


  1. Disinfect your razor.
  2. Wet your pubic hair so it’s easier to cut.
  3. Choose a natural cream, moisturizer, or gel to lubricate the skin and reduce the chance of irritation or breakouts.
  4. Hold the skin tight and shave slowly and gently in the direction that your hairs grow.
  5. Rinse your razor after each swipe.

Is razor good for underarms?

Shaving arms and armpits (any part of the body, really) can result in unwanted side effects. Shaving with a dull blade may result in ingrown hairs, razor burn, nicks and cuts, and skin irritation.