How much does a 300 hp Mercury outboard cost?

Mercury Marine 300XL Pro XS • $24,180 Anglers powered by Pro XS outboards have won more bass fishing tournaments than all other brands combined. With lightning-quick acceleration and top speed, legendary reliability, and lightweight design, it’s everything you need to push it farther, faster, and harder.

How much does a 300hp boat motor cost?

A 25hp engine would stand at around 4000 dollars at the standard price while a 30hp engine can cost up to a little below 5000. Mid-range motors are powerful enough to power pontoon boats or 18ft boats made of a heavier material such as fiberglass.

Is 300 hp a lot for a boat?

A horsepower is a horsepower, so one 300 HP motor is just as good as two 150 HP motors or three 100 HP outboards. In fact, multiple motors can reduce speed and power by adding more weight. If you’re worried about an engine failure stranding you at sea, though, two motors are always welcomed.

How much does a 350 hp Mercury outboard cost?

The Verado 350 will have a suggested retail price of $27,505, in a 20-inch shaft length, or $3,210 more than the Verado 300. A Yamaha F350 starts at $30,685.

How much does a 400 hp Yamaha outboard cost?

Answer: We’re told that retail pricing for the Yamaha XTO 425 will start at $44,250 for the 25-inch shaft in right rotation and $45,185 in left rotation. The 30-inch shaft will retail for $45,000 (right) and $45,935 (left).

How fast can a 400hp boat go?

As for performance numbers, the twin 400 Verados pushed the Axopar 37 to a top speed of 62.7 mph at 6,800 rpm, burning a combined 76 gph. At 4,000 rpm, the engines produced a 34 mph speed while burning 21.3 gph.

How fast will a 100hp outboard go?

How Fast Can A 100 Hp Boat Go? 100 is a good amount of hp, able to keep the average boat at cruising speed and achieve very significant speeds from boats designed to be lightweight and fast. You can expect speeds of between 21 and 66 miles per hour, depending on the boat.

How fast does a 350 hp boat motor go?

Flat out the 350hp boat recorded a two-way average of exactly 50 knots – fully 10 knots quicker than the 300hp boat.