How much does a 7 by 14 enclosed trailer weigh?

Tandem-Axle Trailers with 3500-, 5200- and 7000-lb. Axles

Size Empty Weight Tongue Weight
7 x 14 2120 318
7 x 16 2260 339
7 x 18 2480 372
7 x 20 2640 396

How long is a 7×14 cargo trailer?

Our Price: $8,729.00

VIN: 5HABE142XNN106742
Floor Length: 14′ 3″ or 171.00″
Width: 7′ or 84.00″
Height: 7′ 2″ or 86.00″
Weight: 2020 lbs

How many square feet is a 7×14 enclosed trailer?

100+ square feet
7 x 14 enclosed cargo trailers have a 6’3″ interior and 100+ square feet worth of storage. It comes with a spring assisted rear ramp door for easy loading.

Who makes Cargo Express?

Since the first Cargo Express Trailer rolled off the line at the Bristol manufacturing facility, Pace has grown to five regional plants in Indiana, Arizona, Utah, Pennsylvania and Texas. In November of 2011 Look Trailers acquired the Cargo Express brand and purchased Pace’s Indiana facility.

How wide is a 14ft trailer?

102″ Wide Overall, 83″ Width Between Fenders. Tilt Platform is 75″ Wide.

How much weight can a 14 foot trailer hold?

Keep in mind, each axle will be rated at 3500 lbs (max, some are less). So you take that, then the weight of the trailer (would be about 2000 lbs if its a 14 ft) then that leave you about a 1500 lbs payload.

Where can I find a 7×14 enclosed cargo trailer?

Call John 256-357-0099 Bear Creek Trailers Wedowee, AL Hudson, FL or call Barb 727-495-1194 7×14 enclosed cargo trailer. V

Why buy a 7×14 tandem axle enclosed trailer?

The 7×14 tandem axle enclosed trailer can be an ideal investment that many people decide to make too fast and without working on it.

How much does a 7×14 with a V nose attached trailer cost?

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When will my enclosed cargo trailer be delivered?

You can expect the delivery of your new enclosed cargo trailer in a period of weeks. Our 7×14 Enclosed Trailer built in South Georgia come in many different sizes and shapes- you can specify extra height, different cargo retention configurations, custom door placement, and colors.