How much does a level 13 archer tower cost?

Archer Tower

Level Damage per Second Cost
12 75 1,800,000
13 80 2,400,000
14 92 3,600,000
15 104 5,000,000

Are archer towers worth upgrading?

It is typically a good idea to upgrade Archer Towers before you upgrade Cannons. Although they are more expensive and take longer to upgrade than similar-level Cannons, Archer Towers have more range and can target air units as well as ground units.

What is Max Archer tower level for th11?

13 rows archer towers and cannons have a max level of 15. Minions , hog riders and golems →level 7. This upgrade order is flawless!

Is it better to upgrade cannon or Archer Tower?

Archer Towers are better but they take twice as long to upgrade. For example, if you have level 7 cannons and level 7 archer towers, you can upgrade 2 cannons while upgrading one archer tower(2d for cannons and 4d for one archer tower). well a maxed out cannon does an additional 11 damage per second which is cool.

Are archer towers good?

Archer Towers are extremely versatile structures. They are able to target both ground and air units, and they have excellent range. This versatility means that they should form the cornerstone of every player’s defense.

Is geared up Mortar worth it?

Should I gear up my mortar? Is it worth it? If you look at the stats, the gear up mortar does almost identical dps to the regular. However sometimes each shell will push small troops out of the way, causing the other shells to miss, resulting in less damage compared to the normal mortar.

Should I upgrade wizard tower or Mortar?

Wizard Towers are more versatile. They do more DPS, attack faster and can target air, but they have a shorter range and are usually more expensive. However, Mortars have more damage per shot, which could make a Heal spell useless in certain cases.

What level is queen at TH11?

Barbarian king and archer queen both reach a maximum level of 50, which are dark elixir upgrades. 65 what troops should i use for th11? Upgrade your village to town hall 14, you’ll be able to.

Can you gear up multiple cannons?

[MISC] You can gear up only “ONE” of your Cannon’s using the Master Builder! Same would go for the Mortar and Archer Tower. : r/ClashOfClans.