How much does a musician on a cruise make?

Cruise Ship Musicians earn, on average, $31,500 annually. The salary range for Cruise Ship Musicians runs from $24,000 to $39,000. Cruise Ship Musicians are salaried employees.

What is it like being a musician on a cruise ship?

Cruise ship musicians enjoy many perks, such as a regular paycheck, low expenses, and the opportunity to travel while playing music. But just like touring musicians, they also make sacrifices: spending long stretches away from loved ones, living in close quarters with strangers, and only getting one night off per week.

What happened MSC Orchestra?

The tragic event reportedly took place yesterday in the crew areas after the crew member sustained severe injury, our source said. There was a medical emergency announcement on the ship’s PA system and the medical staff rushed to help the crew member. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save the crew member.

How long are cruise performer contracts?

Cruise ship performers get paid to travel the world and perform in front of millions of cruise goers. They’re serious athletes from all over the world — Olympians, world champions, and professionals. The job requires 11-month contracts, performing six-days a week without a single holiday.

What qualifications do you need to be a cruise ship entertainer?

You do not need formal qualifications, although you may find it useful to have trained in music, dance or acting, perhaps from taking a performing arts course or graded exams.

What happened to Captain of MSC Opera?

According to Italian media reports, Captain Carmine Siviero of the MSC Opera was sentenced to five months in prison while the chief engineer and the chief electrician were sentenced to two months in prison.

Who owns MSC Orchestra?

MSC Cruises
MSC Orchestra

Operator MSC Cruises
Port of registry Panama
Builder Aker Yards, Chantiers de l’Atlantique
Cost US$480 million

How do you get into background singing?

To get a job as a background singer, you need to have an excellent singing voice. If your voice has been described as “unique” or “different” that might be enough to front a band or start your own recording career, but to get a job as a background singer, you need to have a harmonious singing voice.

What do entertainers on cruise ships get paid?

To qualify for the job, a prospective hire must have plenty of experience and material for up to three 30-minute performances. If selected, a comedian can make between $1,600 to $2,400 per month. Additionally, a special headline comedian with name recognition may be hired for a cruise.

Why choose MSC Musica cruises?

Please try again later. MSC Musica not only launched a new class of eco-friendly cruise ships, but she also launched a new class of cruise – a spacious world of graceful lines and superlative choice, enriched by the creativity, fine natural materials and attention to detail that have always distinguished MSC Cruises.

What is the MSC Cruises careers website?

“ Welcome to the MSC Cruises careers website. This is where lasting relationships between ambitious jobseekers and our dynamic, booming company are born. At MSC Cruises, we need outstanding people to help us create outstanding cruise experiences around the world.

What makes MSC Cruises special for children?

On MSC Musica, children and young adults enjoy the special treatment for which MSC Cruises is well known, with colourful indoor and outdoor play amenities, a pool of their own and separate Kids and Teens Clubs for a vibrant social life on board.