How much does it cost to calibrate a breathalyzer?

The price is $24.99 per Pro Grade unit, and $19.99 per non-Pro Grade unit. Place the order for the calibration from this page.

How do you calibrate an alcohol tester?

In order to perform calibration technician needs to set a breathalyzer to the calibration mode, it is done with the use of specially designed pin tools. Next it is connected to calibration devices. During this process air in quantity similar to a human exhalation with predefined alcohol content is pumped into it.

Does a breathalyzer have to be calibrated?

Breathlyzers require regular calibration and maintenance to ensure that they deliver results with a sufficient level of accuracy. An improperly calibrated or poorly maintained machine will produce unreliable results that cannot form the basis of a presumption of intoxication under per se DUI laws.

How long is a lifeloc operator and calibration technician certificate valid before it expires?

This certificate is instrument-specific and must be renewed once every 5 years through a refresher course.

What happens if I miss calibration?

While some companies calibrate the machine every month, the state only requires that it be calibrated and inspected by a certified installer every 30 days. If you miss a calibration appointment, your driver’s license will be suspended and the time frame that you have to have the device restarts.

How often are breathalyzers wrong?

Generally, breathalyzer tests are only accurate approximately 40% of the time. Factor into that statistic that the testing equipment itself has an inherent margin of error between . 005 and . 02% in its BAC readings.

How are breathalyzers calibrated?

The two principal calibration methods for breathalyzers are calibration gas mixture and breath alcohol simulation. Both methods function by supplying a known concentration of alcohol of air to the breathalyzer in air or nitrogen.

What does it mean to calibrate a breathalyzer?

What is breathalyzer calibration? Calibration is checking and adjusting the accuracy of a unit by comparing its results with a known value. For example, a known 0.080 %BAC gas concentration is blown into a breathalyzer, and the unit is adjusted to make sure it correctly reads 0.080 %BAC.

How often do breathalyzers get calibrated?

In general, a personal breathalyzer device will indicate that calibration is required after 1 year or 5000 tests; breathalyzers for law enforcement should be calibrated once per month.

How often is a breathalyzer supposed to be calibrated?

The test must be calibrated every 10 days, or every 150 uses, whichever comes first. Law enforcement must maintain detailed records of all testing and calibration.

What is the time limit between conducting a calibration and a calibration check?

(30) days
Calibration Checks (Cal Checks) 2) A Cal Check should be conducted every thirty (30) days as specified by NHTSA guidelines. 3) Lifeloc recommends performing a Cal Check as soon as conveniently possible after a positive alcohol test as defined by user policy and DOT regulations.

Why choose our breath alcohol technician training?

With our Breath Alcohol Technician Training you will… We are the only company sanctioned by Intoximeters to train and certify our Breath Alcohol Technician students as Factory Authorized Calibration Technicians, so you can properly calibrate your breath alcohol instrument for optimal accuracy and efficiency…saving you valuable time and money.

What is a breath alcohol technician (bat)?

The Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) and/or Screening Test Technician (STT) is a person who instructs and assists employees in the alcohol testing process and operates an evidential breath testing or alcohol screening device, respectively. The BAT and STT play a vital role in the success of the DOT alcohol testing program.

What are the bat and STT’s responsibilities for alcohol testing?

As such, the BAT and/or STT must be knowledgeable and proficient in the testing procedures. The testing procedures for breath or saliva specimens as outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 are very specific and must be followed whenever a DOT-required alcohol test is requested by the employer.

Is calibration technician training offered as part of the basic course?

  Please note that, effective in June, 2015, Calibration Technician Training has been incorporated into our Instructor class and is no longer offered as part of the basic BAT course. CLOSE 401 One-Day Urine Collector & Instructor Course Urine Drug Screen Collector and Instructor Training (1 day classroom)