How much does it cost to get fitted ski boots?

A full service fit incorporates all of the steps outlined above to put the skier in the best position possible in a boot that’s comfortable and responsive because it conforms to the shape of the skier’s foot. Cost: $400-$600 with existing boots, $1,200-$1,500 with new boots.

Is ski boot fitting free?

That service is free. If you have a pair of ski boots that you are looking to have molded, modified, or custom fit to your feet, that service goes through our ski shop and carries a fee. I recommend reaching out to your local REI store to inquire about your specific needs. I hope this helps, thanks!

What is involved in ski boot fitting?

Each boot fitting appointment is allocated 2 hours, during which your ski boot fitter will analyse your foot shape, give you a variety of ski boots to try on, assess if you need moulded insoles and also customise and tweak your final boots where necessary.

Do you tip ski boot fitters?

Just like any service industry your gratuity is always appreciated, ski techs generally are rarely if ever awash in cash, usually work like a slave and appreciate the case of beer/few extra bucks. A tip or some quality brews have never been turned down in my experience. So, yes pretty much what DoWork said.

What is custom boot fitting?

Along with improved boot shells and liners, the custom boot fitting process has progressed to help skiers find that perfect combination of comfort and performance. The ability to manipulate or punch the plastic of a ski boot creates a better interface between ankle, foot and outer shell.

How do you get a boot fitter?

If you’re not sure where to start your bootfitter search, have a look at the America’s Best Bootfitter (ABB) website. It’s a great resource for finding bootfitters who have attended a two-day Masterfit course, as well as useful information about ski boots.

How long does a ski boot fitting take?

around 1.5 hours
For most people a standard fitting, including having a custom insole made, will take around 1.5 hours. Occasionally it takes a little longer if you have specific problems.

Is custom ski boot fitting worth it?

Custom ski boots can make ski boots comfortable for an entire day of skiing. The custom fit can be tailored to feet that are two different sizes, to wide or narrow width feet, or to feet with high arches. A well-fitted boot will help with turning and balancing while skiing. Ski boots last several seasons.

How much do you tip a boot fitter?

If you’ve been there for more than an hour or two working on stuff, give the guy at least a $20. ESPECIALLY if they went above and beyond to make you feel like a valued customer.

Where can I find a Bootfitter?

Why choose a specialty ski shop for boot fitters?

A specialty ski shop with trained boot fitters like evo Seattle, evo Portland, or evo Denver can perform extensive modifications to your boots. They are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to help you achieve the best possible fit.

What kind of pads do you offer for ski boots?

We take pride in offering an extensive range of heel lifts, heel wedges, tongue pads, full-length pads, insole shims, insoles and footbeds, narrowing pads, C-pads, L-pads, modified heel wraps, and foam sheets to custom fit ski and snowboard boots.

How can I customize my ski boots?

While there are a lot things you can do at home to customize your ski boot fit, it’s sometimes best to seek out a professional. A specialty ski shop with trained boot fitters like evo Seattle, evo Portland, evo Denver, or evo Whistler can perform extensive modifications to your boots.

How do I choose the right footbed for my skis?

Proper footbeds are essential for an effective fit. Once a footbed is selected, the next step is to check the alignment of the upper cuff. Ideally, you should be able to stand in a natural stance and have the base of both skis neutral (flat) on the snow.