How much is EDAY license?

What is an Electronic Day Licence (E-Day Licence)? A. A Valid Day Licence is required when an OPC is driven on the roads during restricted hours. Each e-Day Licence costs S$20 and you must indicate a usage date when buying an e-Day Licence.

How do I pay my e-day license?

Buy e-Day Licence

  1. Enter a vehicle registration number. (1/4)
  2. Select usage date(s) (2/4)
  3. Review payment details. (3/4)
  4. Make payment. (4/4)

What is EDAY license?

To drive your WEC/ OPC/ ROPC during the restricted hours, you will need an electronic day (e-Day) Licence. In return for reduced usage of your car, you can enjoy benefits. Driving a car during restricted hours. To drive your WEC/ OPC/ ROPC during restricted hours, you must buy an e-Day Licence and indicate a usage date …

Can I drive off-peak car to Malaysia?

1 Answer. All Singapore-registered vehicle including Off-Peak Car (OPC)/Revised OPC (ROPC)/Weekend Car (WEC) seeking entry and use in Malaysia are under the purview of the Malaysian Authority and subject to their legal requirements on foreign vehicles in Malaysia.

What does red car plate mean?

Red number plate- The red number plate symbolises that the brand new car has a temporary vehicle registration plate and yet to get a permanent one (issued by the RTO). Temporary vehicle registration comes with 1-month validity. The rules regarding temporary vehicle registration plates differ from one state to another.

How do I get a log card?

2 Answers

  1. Log on to
  2. Log in with your Singpass.
  3. After successfully logging in to [email protected], select ‘Vehicle Hub’ -> ‘Enquire & print veh reg details’ -> select the vehicle registration number of the required vehicle -> click Next and print the details accordingly.

How much is an off-peak car?

When you buy an off-peak car, you will get up to a $17,000 rebate, which is offset against the COE price and the Additional Registration Fee (ARF). Essentially, you save $17,000 on the purchase price of the car. For example, a car’s purchase price (with COE) is $80,000, you pay only $63,000.

Can I buy a car in Malaysia and use it in Singapore?

Hi there, you are not allowed to keep or use a foreign vehicle in Singapore if you are a; Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident (PR), Resident of Singapore, Long-Term Visit Pass or Dependent’s Pass holder, Student’s Pass holder, Training Employment Pass or Work Holiday Pass holder and Work Pass holder who is also a …

What is a black plate car?

DMV will let you run black plates on a car that has not been registered in a while. The plate must be in good shape and the number that was issued to the car.

How do I buy an E-Day licence?

You can buy an e-Day Licence at the following: By logging in to your dashboard. You can buy an e-Day Licence up to 2 weeks in advance. If you change your mind about using it, you can cancel the e-Day Licence or update the usage date before 7am on the specified date of use. Check the timeline below.

How do I purchase a one-day license and print it?

For a paper one-day or multi-day license, you can use Guest Checkout to purchase a license and print it from any printer.

What is the tax invoice/receipt for an E-Day licence?

Upon a successful purchase of an e-Day Licence, a tax invoice/receipt shall be generated. The business transaction reference number and receipt number (generated and displayed on the tax invoice/receipt) must be quoted when making enquiries with us.

What happens if I drive without an E-Day licence?

If you drove during restricted hours without an e-Day Licence, you have until 11.59 pm the next day to buy an e-Day Licence. If you miss this deadline, you have 3 more days to declare to LTA and you have to pay a fee of $30.