How much pressure is needed to Hydroform?

For tube hydroform there are high- and low-pressure process methods. Low-pressure applications typically utilize pressure under 700 bar and require presses up to 2,500 tons. High-pressure applications typically utilize pressures up to 1,500 bar and require presses up to 10,000 tons.

What fluid is used in hydroforming?

hydraulic oil
The hydroforming process (Fig. 6.17) utilises fluid pressure (hydraulic oil) behind a rubber diaphragm to force a sheet of material into the shape of an adjoining mould.

Can you Hydroform steel?

Virtually all metals capable of cold forming can be hydroformed, including aluminum, brass, carbon and stainless steel, copper, and high strength alloys.

Which is an example of sheet hydro forming?

In general, any sheet metal material capable of being cold formed, such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass, is a candidate for hydroforming.

What is the most important parameter in hydro forming?

The most important parameters were the internal pressure of the liquid this was done by means of the pump (2 of figure 6).

How do you Hydroform aluminum?

To hydroform aluminium into a vehicle’s frame rail, a hollow tube of aluminium is placed inside a negative mold that has the shape of the desired result. High pressure hydraulic pumps then inject fluid at very high pressure inside the aluminium tube which causes it to expand until it matches the mold.

What is the reason for using a liquid medium in explosive hydroforming?

This hydropunch machine has the ability to generate a very high impulsive pressure and the advantage of abolishing the complicated sealing means between the workpiece and the die. In hydroforming process, liquid is used as medium of energy transfer to form the workpiece.

What is explosive hydroforming?

Explosive forming. For large parts, explosive hydroforming can generate the forming pressure by simply exploding a charge above the part (complete with evacuated mold) which is immersed in a pool of water. The tooling can be much cheaper than what would be required for any press-type process.

Can you Hydroform aluminum?

Virtually all metals capable of cold forming can be hydroformed, including aluminium, brass, carbon and stainless steel, copper, and high strength alloys.

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