How much water do begonias need?

A good rule of thumb is to water every two to four days. When it’s hot and dry you’ll need to water more often than when the air cools down and the soil holds more moisture. Begonia plants in full sun will also require more water than plants in shady locations.

Can you water begonias too much?

Too much water can cause root rot and kill the begonia. We suggest watering over a sink or bowl so the excess water can drain out. 4) Feed the plant a balanced houseplant fertilizer once a month.

Does Begonia need more water?

Begonias love to be root bound, which is why it is best to water it more often, rather than changing its pot first. When your plant is first potted, or a seedling has been placed into the soil, then it will require less watering as compared to a fully grown plant.

How much water do Begonia bulbs need?

Make sure your begonias are watered at least once a week, and more if they are planted in containers. Fertilize every two weeks with a liquid fertilizer to maintain heavy blooming and leaf growth. Begonias need to be deadheaded on almost a daily basis to keep the foliage clean.

What do Overwatered begonias look like?

An overwatered Begonia will have soft, soggy leaves that instantly tell you that you might have gone a little wild with the water. Another factor to look out for is wet muddy soil. That is a sure-fire sign that overwatering, and not underwatering, is the cause of your plant looking so sad.

Why do my begonias keep dying?

Your begonia may be dying due to one or several of the following reasons: overwatering, underwatering, acclimatization, disease, temperature, transplant shock, pests or humidity. These factors cause the plant stress, resulting in a decline in its health.

How do you save Overwatered begonias?

To save an overwatered begonia, gently remove the plant from its pot and inspect the root system. If the roots are mushy, soft, and brown or black in color, cut them off, leaving the healthy parts. After that, apply a fungicide solution to the roots and repot the plant in a container with good drainage.

Do begonias need full sun?

Most begonias grow best in part shade (4 to 6 hours of direct morning sun a day), or filtered sun (as through trees). Most will tolerate full shade (no direct or filtered sun), but won’t be as dense and usually have fewer flowers.

Can a plant recover from overwatering?

Overwatered Plant Recovery Time In most cases, your overwatered plant will recover in 7 – 14 days if you follow the steps above. If there was extensive damage, it may take longer. But if there were enough healthy roots, it usually only takes about two weeks to see improvement.