How often should a Worcester boiler be serviced?

every 5 years
Worcester recommend a full service on your boiler every 5 years. During a full service the boiler is fully stripped down, cleaned and rubber seals and electrodes are replaced. We’ll also adjust the gas valve settings so your boiler will be left working as well as it was on the day it was installed.

What should be done on a Worcester boiler service?

What does a Worcester Bosch boiler service include?

  • Ensure the gas pressure and flow are correct.
  • Electrical connections are in a good condition.
  • Check the condensate pipe.
  • Flue inspection.
  • Gas and water pipework inspected.
  • Gas Safe certificate.

How long does it take to service a Worcester Bosch boiler?

around 30 minutes
Not taking into account any faults the engineer comes across, a boiler service should last around 30 minutes.

What is checked during a boiler service?

An annual service will start with a visual check to ensure that the boiler and associated pipework is installed and positioned correctly. Your engineer will then check that your boiler is operating correctly and identify any initial problems. Then they will remove the boiler casing to look at its components.

Do I have to get my boiler serviced every year?

Always Service Annually First and foremost, you should make sure that your boiler is serviced every year. An annual service is regular enough to keep your boiler in good working condition and limit wear over time.

How long does a full boiler service take?

A boiler service should last at least 30 minutes but the time will vary depending on the brand and model. Afterwards, the engineer will likely give you a service report, explaining what they’ve done.

Do Worcester Bosch have their own engineers?

Request a Repair If you’re out of guarantee and you don’t have a Worcester Support Plan, don’t worry you can still book a repair through Worcester Bosch with one of our engineers.

What is a Greenstar boiler?

The Greenstar i System boiler is part of the latest generation of smaller and lighter boilers and is suitable for small, medium and large homes. Able to be fitted into a standard kitchen cupboard, the Greenstar i boiler offers efficient heating and user friendly controls and display screen.

How long does a boiler service take?

What happens if I dont get my boiler serviced?

What happens if you don’t service your boiler regularly? You could not only sentence your boiler to an early death, but you can also pose a severe safety threat to you, your family, and your home. Your boiler will become less efficient, consume more energy, and increase the risk of catastrophic failure.

What happens if you miss your boiler service?

If you’ve missed your annual boiler service and are worried that your boiler’s warranty may be void, you can call the manufacturer and check. The manufacturer may be flexible and could find a way to ensure your warranty remains valid.

How do I make an appointment with Worcester-Bosch?

You can make an appointment request online at or by calling us on 0330 123 9339 (open 7am-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Sat, 9am-12pm Sun and 8am-16:30 pm on bank holidays except for Christmas Day where the offices will be closed; the opening times may be changed from time to time as notified on the website above.

Do I need a Worcester service engineer to visit my boiler?

If you are a contract customer you can arrange an appointment for one of our Worcester engineers to visit your product. You can also find out more about our Service Plans, gain access to our Troubleshooting Tool, helpful videos and FAQs. If your boiler is in full working order and you require a Worcester service engineer.

How do I contact Worcester customer care?

Our Customer Care team are committed to helping you get the best from your Worcester product throughout its lifetime. Whatever your enquiry simply speak to one of our specialist advisors either by phone, live chat, email or social media.

Who provides the maintenance and repair services for Bosch products?

The service engineer. The maintenance and repair services are, at our sole discretion, provided by suitably qualified Bosch employees or approved service partners. The contractual relationship shall in any event be between you and Bosch and payments (if any) have to be made directly to Bosch. 4. THE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR SERVICES