How old is Abra Filipino rapper?

31 years (December 2, 1990)Abra / Age

What type of culture does FlipTop belong?

FlipTop is actually the Filipino hiphop multimedia production company behind the famous rap battles. To the unfamiliar and bewildered, hiphop refers to the culture and lifestyle that has rap as one of its art forms.

Why is FlipTop considered the modern day Balagtasan and what is interesting about it?

It is easy for someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of hip hop and alternative rap to pick up FlipTop as “the modern Balagtasan” mainly because of the two elements present: verbal joust and the seeming rhyme and meter when the rappers battling (called emcees or MCs) drop their bars or verses.

Why is Balagtasan important?

The first balagtasan recorded in Philippine history was held in 1924 to commemorate the birth of national poet Francisco Balthazar Balagtas, hence the name balagtasan. Balagtas is the author of the epic Filipino poem “Florante at Laura.”

How old is Anygma now?

Founded by 26-year-old Alaric Riam Yuson (better known as Anygma) along with two others, FlipTop – to the perennial frustation of the league – has become a widely-used (erroneous) term for a rap battle.

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What is the best flip flop for You?

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Is versatility in a flip flop a misnomer?

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What’s the difference between a sandal and a flip flop?

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