How old is Kelli Hollis?

45 years (June 29, 1976)Kelli Hollis / Age

What is Kelli Hollis doing now?

FORMER Emmerdale star Kelli Hollis has revealed she is working in a café. The actress quit playing Ali Spencer on the ITV soap six years ago and has taken on shifts in between acting jobs. She revealed her part time job on Twitter as she shared a picture of herself in a her work apron as she took a breather.

Who played Yvonne in Shameless?

Kelli HollisYvonne Karib / Played byKelli Hollis is a British actress, known for playing Tina Crabtree in the three Channel 4 related films, shop owner Yvonne Karib in Channel 4’s popular comedy-drama Shameless and Ali Spencer in ITV’s long-running soap opera Emmerdale. Wikipedia

Where is Kelli Hollis from?

Leeds, United KingdomKelli Hollis / Place of birth

Who plays Norma in Shameless?

Dystin Johnson
Dystin Johnson is a British film and television actress. She is best known for playing Norma Starkey in the popular Channel 4 comedy-drama series, Shameless. She has also had parts in Prime Suspect: The Final Act, EastEnders, The Bill and Holby City.

Where did Yvonne go in Shameless?

In series 7, Yvonne made the decision to finally sell up her business, and so she sold the corner shop to Joe Pritchard, before she and Stan left to move to India.

Does Frank sleep with Norma?

Their relationship was largely over, though they did sleep together and flirt on various occasions. However Norma stayed in the hope of rekindling the relationship and continuing their lives together away from Frank, despite how badly Monica treated her.

How did Paddy leave shameless?

The Maguires revealed that Paddy had faked his death to the authorities, and had retired to Thailand, rich from the profits he made after his departure from Manchester.

Is Ian Gallagher adopted?

Character biography. Ian Clayton Gallagher was born on May 9, 1996, the product of a PCP-fueled affair between his mother Monica and Clayton Gallagher, Frank’s brother, in the summer of 1995. Monica conceals knowledge of this affair from the Gallagher family, leaving them to believe that Ian is Frank’s son.

What happened to Debbie Gallagher?

Debbie is currently serving in the Army and though she hasn’t visited the Chatsworth Estate since Series 6, is in regular contact with her family through phoning and texts.

Has Sean Gilder got a twin?

In the DVD commentary for Episode 11 of Series 5, Sean Gilder, who portrayed Paddy and Noel Maguire, reveals that he was born as a twin, only for his sibling to come out the womb stillborn. He cited this as one reason for his interest in the storyline involving Paddy’s twin brother.