How to diagnose oncocytoma?

Diagnosis and Tests Renal oncocytomas and cancerous tumors like renal cell carcinoma look alike on imaging scans. This makes it difficult for healthcare providers to determine whether a person has a noncancerous cyst or a cancerous tumor. A biopsy to test the tumor cells is the only way to make an accurate diagnosis.

Can Oncocytoma be malignant?

Moreover, the finding of diffuse nuclear irregularities, nuclear cytologic variation, and frequent mitoses suggests a malignant alternative diagnosis to oncocytoma. We present the only reported case of an oncocytoma-like neoplasm with high-grade transformation. Our patient is 74-year-old man who had hematuria.

What is spoke wheel pattern?

A spoke wheel pattern in renal imaging refers to a vascular appearance seen with certain renal tumors, typically seen in oncocytomas but can also be seen in renal cell carcinomas.

What does an oncocytoma look like?

Kidney : Tumors and Tumorlike Conditions Grossly, renal oncocytoma is typically solid and mahogany brown, often has a central stellate scar, and can reach large sizes (Fig. 24.58). They can be multicentric and bilateral. Invasion of the perirenal tissues or renal vein may be encountered.

What is malignant oncocytoma?

An oncocytoma is a tumor made up of oncocytes, epithelial cells characterized by an excessive amount of mitochondria, resulting in an abundant acidophilic, granular cytoplasm. The cells and the tumor that they compose are often benign but sometimes may be premalignant or malignant. Oncocytoma.

How common is renal oncocytoma?

Renal oncocytomas are common benign kidney neoplasms that account for 3 to 7 percent of renal neoplasms. They usually occur in adults, most frequently in the seventh decade of life. Renal oncocytomas may be discovered incidentally or may be diagnosed with biopsy or excision.

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