How was the Feels Like We Only Go Backwards video made?

It took more than 1,000 hand-shaped plasticine frames to create Tame Impala’s music video for “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” And it was worth it. 1/6 This is the video for Tame Impala’s recent single, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

Who animated feels like we only go backwards?

TAME IMPALA- Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Plasticine collage animators: Becky Sloan, Azusa Nakagawa,Theo Nunn. Assisted by: Ben Austin, Ellie Pritchard, Matt King. Compositing: Joseph Pelling, Theo Nunn.

Is there only one person in Tame Impala?

As Tame Impala, Kevin Parker is a one-man band. Kevin Parker says his new album as Tame Impala reflects two major life events.

Where does the name Tame Impala come from?

“The name ‘Tame Impala’ is just a reference to the African animal really, from a perspective of coming into contact with a live one, one that you’d come across in nature and having this real brief, unspoken moment but with some level of communication between yourself and this wild animal.

What does going backwards mean?

to go backward These words mean to move or go in the direction that is opposite to the one you are facing.

What animal is the Impala?

Impalas are medium-sized antelopes that roam the savanna and light woodlands of eastern and southern Africa. In the rainy season, when food is plentiful, they may gather in large herds of several hundred animals to browse on grasses and herbs, bushes, shrubs, and shoots.

Who sings the song “feels like we only go backwards”?

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” has been performed by several artists, including Hungry Kids of Hungary and Arctic Monkeys in Triple J, Say Lou Lou and Foster the People.

Why did Kevin Parker write feels like we only go backwards?

In an interview with Rick Rubin on the podcast Broken Record, Kevin Parker said he wrote “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” after being inspired by ” Walk in the Park ” by Beach House. At the 2013 West Australian Music Industry Awards, the song won Single of the Year.

When did Tame Impala release Mind Mischief?

“Mind Mischief”. (2013) “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is a song by the Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala, released on 1 October 2012. The single features artwork from Australian artist Leif Podhajsky, who also created the artwork for Innerspeaker.