Is Act good for dry mouth?

The production of saliva is critical to cleansing the oral cavity, maintaining a neutral pH and preventing demineralization. ACT® Dry Mouth products are a great option to help patients live more comfortably with dry mouth.

How do you use dry mouth lozenges for ACT?

Suggested Use: Allow lozenge to slowly dissolve in mouth. Use as needed. Ingredients Isomalt, Xylitol, Glycerin, Water, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, FD&C Blue 1.

Is there a lozenge for dry mouth?

The #1 Dentist Recommended Dry Mouth Brand now offers a lozenge for fresh breath anytime, anywhere! The new Biotène Dry Mouth Lozenges help freshen your breath and are a great addition to your daily dry mouth routine.

What products are good for dry mouth?

Try over-the-counter saliva substitutes — look for products containing xylitol, such as Mouth Kote or Oasis Moisturizing Mouth Spray, or ones containing carboxymethylcellulose (kahr-bok-see-meth-ul-SEL-u-lohs) or hydroxyethyl cellulose (hi-drok-see-ETH-ul SEL-u-lohs), such as Biotene Oral Balance.

What is the best rinse for dry mouth?

Our top pick is Biotene Oral Rinse Mouthwash for Dry Mouth, which users love for its alcohol- and sugar-free formula.

What kind of hard candy is good for dry mouth?

#2 Sour candies do the trick Sweet candies would prove counterproductive as they can lead to cavities. Alternatively, you can use sugar-free hard candies, Xylitol lozenges, or ice chips to keep your mouth moist.

How many biotene lozenges can I take?

Adults and children 12 years and older may dissolve one lozenge in the mouth as needed.

How can I increase saliva in my mouth naturally?

Chewing and sucking help stimulate saliva flow. Try: Ice cubes or sugar-free ice pops. Sugar-free hard candy or sugarless gum that contains xylitol….These products may also help:

  1. Artificial saliva products to help you produce more saliva.
  2. Toothpastes and mouthwashes specially made for dry mouth.
  3. Lip balm.