Is Blessington a nice place to live?

Outdoor pursuits, lots of fresh air and the dual benefits of small town life coupled with urban proximity mean a lot of people are waking up to Blessington as a brilliant place to set up home. Blessington is the Co Wicklow village that feels like a Dublin suburb – in the best way possible.

Is there a village under Blessington Lake?

Yes, there’s a village called Ballinahown submerged beneath the lake. Have a look in a search engine, you’ll find a lot of info about this. Also, the river Liffey is flowing through the Blessington Lakes. That’s why it has such a dangerous undercurrent and swimming is treacherous.

Is Blessington a village or a town?

Blessington, historically known as Ballycomeen (Irish: Baile Coimín, meaning ‘town of Comyn’, from the Irish surname Ó Coimín), is a town on the River Liffey in County Wicklow, Ireland, near the border with County Kildare.

When did they flood Blessington?

The shared farm, which was evacuated in 1940 when ESB flooded the valley to create the Poulaphouca Reservoir, has been submerged under water for almost 80 years and this year’s drought has made it visible for the first time since then.

Are Blessington Lakes man made?

The lake was therefore man-made with the construction of the Poulaphouca Dam and hydroelectric station. The move was not without controversy at the time as communities were uprooted and not all farmers in the area were fully reimbursed for the loss of land.

What fish are in Blessington Lakes?

Trout angling There is a small stock of wild brown trout in the reservoir. The E.S.B. stock the lake annually with brown and rainbow trout. The Vallymount area has produced Ferox trout to over 10lb.

Is Blessington in Wicklow or Kildare?

Blessington is one of the biggest towns in West Wicklow.

How did Blessington get its name?

The English name Blessington, first found in 1667, is a translation based on false etymology: the original Irish name seems to have been interpreted at the time as *Baile Comaoin(e), ‘the town of the blessing’.

How old are the Blessington Lakes?

50 years ago
Set in the Wicklow Mountains, the Blessington Lakes cover 5000 acres water. The Lakes were formed 50 years ago by the building of the Poulaphouca Dam and hydroelectric station.

Can you fish in Blessington Lake?

The lake is open for coarse and pike fishing all year round except October. Blessington Lake is considered a centre of excellence for pike angling as it has recorded regular 20-30 lb. catches of pike annually. From January to March (spawning period) the largest fish are often taken in shallow weedy areas.

Do you need a permit to fish in Blessington Lakes?

Blessington Lake is the largest in Wicklow with 56 kilometers of shoreline and many inlets and bays which offer the angler excellent coarse and pike fishing. The lake is controlled and managed by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) and a permit for all types of fishing is required, which we can supply.

Where can I fish in Blessington?

The best areas are at the Rowing Course below Blessington Bridge, Russelstown, Burgage Bridge and at the overflow on the Dublin side of the lake. In recent years, some roach catches over 100lbs have been recorded. Swimfeeder tactics work all year round and the waggler fishing is best in the summer months.

What happened to the old town of Ballinahown?

The town was called Ballinahown, and made a surprise appearance in the long, dry summer of 2018. As water levels dropped to new lows, remnants of the old village emerged, with staff sighting old buildings, farm machinery, houses, and bridges, all remarkably well-preserved by the water.

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