Is Carpetright gone bust?

Carpetright has been downsizing for the past decade and had just over 330 mainly out-of-town stores in the UK by mid-2019. It closed 80 through CVA from 2018, after failing to keep up with new market entrants Tapi.

Who owns Carpetright now?

Meditor Group
Nestware Holdings Limited (NHL), part of Carpetright’s owner Meditor Group, has completed the acquisition of Carpet & Flooring (Trading), one of the UK’s largest distributors of floorcovering products and accessories.

How many stores does Carpetright have in the UK?

Carpetright Limited is one of the largest British retailers of floor coverings and beds. The company is owned by Meditor….Carpetright.

Type Private
Number of locations 350 (2019)
Key people Nick Worthington (Managing Director)
Products Carpets
Revenue £469.8 million (2015)

What happened to Carpetright shares?

Carpetright shares were last quoted at 5.04p each. Shares in the company are now suspended, and will be cancelled effective today. A bundle of non-executive directors also stepped down from Carpetright’s board as a result of the takeover, including Jemima Bird, Pauline Best and David Clifford.

Who is the CEO of Carpetright?

Wilfred Thomas Walsh (Jul 21, 2014–)Carpetright / CEO

Does Carpetright own TAPI carpets?

Like many retail dynasties, the Harris family has remained largely out of the limelight. That was until Martin Harris left Carpetright, the company his father founded, to set up its key rival Tapi Carpets. “I left Carpetright in September 2014 at the AGM,” Harris tells Retail Gazette.

When did Allied Carpets close down?

Allied Carpets was a small retail chain specialising in floor coverings, mainly carpets (80%) and then also laminate and wood flooring and curtains, in the United Kingdom. Following financial difficulties and several changes of ownership, the company was dissolved in 2015.

Where is Carpetright head office?

Purfleet, United KingdomCarpetright / Headquarters

Who owns TAPI Carpet?

Martin Harris
One of Britain’s biggest flooring retailers, the company has been hammered since the launch of Tapi, which is run by Martin Harris who was with Carpetright for 23 years. Harris is the son of the retailer’s founder Lord Harris of Peckham, 76, who stepped down in 2014.

Is TAPI carpets in financial trouble?

Tapi Carpets has revealed widening losses in its full year report, which the flooring retailer attributed to its accelerated store expansion scheme.

Are Carpetright and TAPI the same?

Tapi Carpets in Dartford, Kent, is a tape measure’s throw from a branch of Carpetright — but Martin Harris, Tapi’s chief executive, claims he never feels the urge to drop in on his deadly rival.

Are Carpetright and TAPI carpets the same company?