Is Citco a corporation?

Citco, also known as the Citco Group of Companies and the Curaçao International Trust Co., is a privately owned global hedge fund administrator headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, founded in 1948. It is the world’s largest hedge fund administrator, managing over $1 trillion in assets under administration.

Who owns Citco fund Services?

the Smeets family
Today, Citco is still managed by the Smeets family and retains its entrepreneurial character.

Is Citco Philippines BPO?

Citco is a place to have such learning and training experience in the bpo financial industry.

Is Citco a bank?

Banking, Depositary & Custody Services Citco Banks operate in strategic financial centres and provide Institutional and Fund of Funds clients access to the funds universe through multiple communication and online real-time global funds platforms.

Why choose Citco?

Citco provides scale, service excellence and commitment to innovation. This has resulted in a record of bespoke solutions, continual product advances and, above all, meeting client expectations. Rely on Citco to perform investor services across the globe.

What is Capital Solutions at Citco?

Citco’s Capital Solutions team is dedicated to helping its clients with financing and capital raising needs. Citco is an industry leader in custody and fund trading for funds of funds, family offices and institutional investors, offering unrivalled expertise in the execution, settlement and custody of funds from strategic centres around the globe.

What are Citco’s regulatory reporting services?

As an additional service for its clients, Citco has developed a range of innovative regulatory reporting services aimed at raising the efficiency of your business, helping you manage the current complex environment, by taking advantage of overlaps between different global reporting requirements.

What can funds of funds do through Citco Bank?

Through Citco Bank and Citco Financial Products, funds of funds can get access to liquidity, leverage, bridging, foreign exchange and bespoke hedge fund derivative solutions. Short and longer-term facilities, designed for funds of funds. Credit position modelling against projected or real pool of assets.