Is directional antenna better than omni antenna?

Directional antennas are much more powerful than their omni directional counterparts, and able to pull in signals from greater distances.

What is omnidirectional WiFi antenna?

Omnidirectional Antennas: Omnidirectional antennas spread the wifi signal to all directions to serve the signal to a wide area. Omni antennas are typically used on WiFi base-stations (e.g. for WiFi routers). In principal: The higher gain of the antenna (declared in dBi), the higher the range of it.

What is the gain of an omnidirectional antenna?

Omni antennas typically radiate with a gain of 2.1 dB over an isotropic antenna. For a vertically oriented omni antenna, this gain in transmission horizontal distance from the antenna is at the expense of transmission above and below it. Its pattern looks similar to a donut.

What is a good dBi gain?

The answers to these questions can help point you in the right direction. High gain antennas (8.1 dBi) take the signal and radiate it along a straight plane in a tight, narrow pattern. This is ideal where the terrain is quite flat with few obstacles in the signal path, such as when touring across the outback.

What is the range of omnidirectional antenna?

Antenna Basics

Antenna Type Max Range
9dbi Omni directional 1200ft
9dBi Panel Directional .25 miles
11dBi Omni directional .25 miles
14dbi Omni directional .4 miles

What is the best long distance WiFi antenna?

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What is the best outdoor WiFi antenna?

Hawking Technology Outdoor Access Point. The Hawking Technology Outdoor Access Point is the daddy of wireless access points.

  • EnGenius Technologies Long Range Wireless Outdoor Access Point. This outdoor access point from EnGenius Technologies is considerably cheaper than the last product.
  • TP-LINK N300 Long Range 11n 2.4G Wireless Outdoor Access Point.
  • What is the best USB WiFi antenna?

    2.1 Melon N80.

  • 2.2 Melon N 36dbi chip RT3070 Antenna WIFI panel for outdoor.
  • 2.3 Alfa AWUS052NH USB receiver WiFi dual band 5Ghz double USB 2.0 cable.
  • 2.4 Alfa AWUS036ACH WIFI USB 3.0 dual band with anti interference.
  • 2.5 Pack WiFi Grid Dish Antenna 24dBi+USB Adapter AWUS036NEH+Cable 3M N to SMA.
  • What is the best omnidirectional TV antenna?

    – Whole-House Digital HDTV Antenna – Cutting Edge Design And Technology – 100 Mile Long Range – HDTV Antenna Solution with NO Monthly Fees