Is Dr Dolittle a flop?

Dolittle is this year’s third-biggest grossing movie and yet (thanks to a budget of $175 million), is $243 million cume renders it one of 2020’s biggest flops.

Is Dr Dolittle a true story?

Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr says he based his portrayal of the character in a new adaptation on a 19th Century Welsh doctor who lived in Llantrisant. He told the Graham Norton Show that as soon as he had discovered William Price’s story, he knew he had found his inspiration for the character of Dr Dolittle.

How many Dolittle movies are there?

With seven films, the gross box office return is approximately $308,096,697 total, with the financial information that is available.

Why did Dr Dolittle fail?

When all is said and done, the failure of Dolittle can be attributed to a perfect storm of bad reviews, a release window during the slowest month of the year, and an out-of-control budget on an IP ill-suited for blockbuster numbers, with the latter especially proving to be the biggest nail in the coffin.

How much money did Dolittle lose?

Despite this, the film was a commercial failure, losing Universal as much as $50–100 million, and received generally negative reviews from critics, particularly for its humor and story.

Did Dr Dolittle have a wife?

Kristen Wilson as Lisa Dolittle, the wife of John.

What does Dolittle mean?

a lazy person; one who does little but does not admit to it.

What happened to Doolittle’s wife?

After his wife, Lily, dies at sea, Dolittle retreats from human society and only tends to animals.

What did Dolittle do to the dragon?

involving him pulling stuff out of a dragon’s constipated butt. No, you’re not having a stroke — that’s literally what happens at the end of Dolittle. After the big climactic battle scene, Downey Jr.’s Dr. Dolittle diagnoses what’s wrong with an ill dragon, and it ends up being a clogged anus.

Will there be another Dr Dolittle?

Dolittle 2 isn’t very likely to happen. Dolittle’s box office failure means it is falling short of recouping the money it cost to make and market the movie. Universal would have to be willing to double down in the hope that correcting errors made the first go around could be fixed.

How many parts does Dr Dolittle have?

The film’s success generated one theatrical sequel, Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001), and three films released direct to video: Dr. Dolittle 3 (2006), Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (2008), and Dr.