Is FZ 16 good?

In terms of power and torque, the FZ16 doesn’t break any new grounds but it produces enough punch to make it one of the quickest bikes in its class. The 153cc powerplant makes 14PS of power at 7,500rpm and 13.6Nm of torque developed right from 6,000rpm.

Is FZ a superbike?

The FZ-1 is the only naked superbike by Yamaha for the Indian market. The bike with its aggressive look screams brilliant road presence and is one of the practical bikes one can buy in India. The FZ1 is powered by inline-four 998cc liquid cooled engine borrowed from the previous generation YZF-R1.

What is the speed of fz5?

Talking of the top speed, the Yamaha FZS 25 can exceed speeds of 130 km/h in its BS6 guise.

What is Fi in bike?

Fuel Injection (FI): How Does It Work Fuel injection system comprises a complex set of electronic components and sensors. The system depends on a fuel pump to control the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. This fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank of the bike.

What makes the FZ16 so special?

A new chapter was added with a masterpiece born in 2008 while inheriting the quality of the famous brand, the FZ16 was also born to revolutionize the era and carry out a mission. Its appearance more than any other, overflows with dynamism and originality.

What is the weight of a Yamaha FZ16?

The Yamaha FZ16 weighs 126.0 kg (277.8 pounds). How tall (seat height) is a Yamaha FZ16? The Yamaha FZ16 seat height is 790 mm (31.1 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. How many gears does a Yamaha FZ16 have?

Is Yamaha FZ16 Lord of the street a good bike?

The Yamaha FZ16 was launched with the tagline of Lord of the Street and is claimed to be the finest bike among the FZ series bikes in India due to its distinctive looks and performance.

Where is the Ford FZ16 sold?

The FZ16 is modeled after the FZ1. The FZ16 is primarily sold in India, and other markets such as Indonesia, China, Colombia and Argentina. In 2014, the fuel-injected version, called FZ FI, went on sale in India.