Is it worth becoming a gas engineer?

A career as a gas heating engineer gives you real job security, because there’s a strong and consistent demand for these skills. Whether it’s installing gas appliances or maintaining systems, fixtures or fittings, there will always be a need for these jobs to be carried out to a high standard.

What qualifications do you need to be a British Gas engineer?

To become a Gas Engineer you will need relevant qualifications, usually an NVQ level 3 in Gas Installation, and be Gas Safe registered. Other courses like the domestic gas course are common routes to becoming an apprentice Gas Engineer.

Do gas engineers make good money?

The average advertised salary for a Gas engineer in London is 16.6% above the average salary for all jobs in London which is £44,579. Average salaries for Gas engineer jobs in London have gone up 15.4% year-on-year, compared to a change of 0.1% for all jobs in London and 2.2% for Gas engineer jobs nationwide.

Do British Gas do apprenticeships?

So whether you’re a 16-year-old school leaver or a mother seeking a return to work there’s an opportunity for you on our award-winning training and apprenticeship scheme.

Do gas engineers get paid well?

This is 14.9% more than the average national salary for Gas engineer jobs. The average London Gas engineer salary is 16.6% more than the average salary across London….Highest Paying Areas for Gas engineer, UK.

Area Norfolk
YoY Salary Change 51.0%
Average salary £55,971
Vacancies 49

Is there a shortage of gas engineers in UK?

However, according to Gas Safe, there is already an existing shortage of gas safe registered engineers in the Uk. 50% of Gas engineers are over the age of 55, which means in the next 10 years all of these engineers could have retired which will only furthermore increase the shortage.

Will gas engineers be needed in the future?

As the gas industry moves towards a greener future, people may be put off a career as a gas engineer for fear of a lack of steady work, but the numbers speak for themselves. Gas engineers will be in demand for as long as people have gas appliances in their homes, and that looks to be the case for many years to come.

Are gas engineers in demand?

The ongoing skills shortage within construction means gas engineers have never been more in demand. With fewer places able to offer gas qualifications for new entrants this is unlikely to change anytime soon.