Is killester a nice area?

Raheny and Killester are both great areas to live in. The Donnycarney end of Killester would not be as nice an area.

What Dublin number is killester?

Dublin 5
Killester is in Dublin 3 & Dublin 5 on the Northside of Dublin. Killester is bordered by Clontarf, Donnycarney, Raheny and Artane. A predominantly residential area, local amenities include St. Anne’s Park in Raheny which hosts a wide green area and many playing fields.

Is raheny rough?

Raheny is very settled & quiet, very good transport links, shops etc. Near airport, beach, St Annes Park, town, Howth etc. Good schools nearby as well. I grew up around Raheny, it’s generally so safe it’s dull.

Is donnycarney a good area to live?

Donnycarney is in the northside of Dublin, encompassing Dublin 5 and Dublin 9. Predominantly a residential area it is in close proximity to the city centre (5KM). It has a good range of amenities including a large church, local shops, restaurants, a reasonable sized park (Donnycarney Park) and a large community centre.

Which part of Dublin is Dublin 8?

Dublin 8 (D8) Dublin 8 includes Dolphin’s Barn, Inchicore, Islandbridge, Kilmainham, Merchants Quay, Portobello, South Circular Road, the Phoenix Park and the Liberties. Notable buildings include Christ Church Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is one of only two postal districts to span the Liffey.

How is Dublin divided?

The contentious divide between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic in the south is well known worldwide, but first-time visitors to Dublin might not realise that the capital city has its own cultural divide, splitting the city into two distinct areas – the Northside and the Southside – separated by the River Liffey …

Is ballybrack a good area?

Its a nice quite road and very safe. Most of the families have children and they all get on very very well.

Is celbridge a nice area?

For the wide array of services it offers to its wonderful location, for its traditional pubs and fine restaurants to its many clubs and voluntary organisations, these are the factors she says have led Celbridge to grow from a town of 1,000 inhabitants in the 1970’s to 20,000 today and make it the Best Place to live in …