Is KT77 same as EL34?

The quick answer to the difference between EL34 vs 6CA7 or EL34 vs KT77 is simple. EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 are all drop-in replacement of each other. You can use 6CA7 or KT77 in place of EL34. Electrically, they are the same.

Are KT66 and EL34 interchangeable?

No, not with out modifying the amp. You will need to change out the screen resistors and make sure the transformer can handle the added heated draw for El-34’s.

Can I use 6L6 instead of EL34?

Assuming you have 1k screens and your sockets are wired for El34s like in a typical marshall yes you can run 6L6s. I can run 6l6, 6v6 El34 and KT88s successfully in my 50w plexi. All you have to do is check the bias.

Do I need to Rebias my amp?

Certainly changing to a different type of tube requires rebiasing. Replacing old tubes with the same brand and type may not require it, but it’s still a good idea. In fact periodic tube rebiasing can help lengthen the life of your tubes and help your amp maintain a more consistent sound.

What is the difference between 6CA7 and EL34?

The 6CA7 is meant to be a replacement for the EL34, but it is an original design that imparts its influence on the resulting tone of the amplifier and is similar in sound to the 6L6 vacuum tube.

What is the difference between 6L6 and 6L6GC?

As the 6L6 tube developed over the years, its maximum voltage and power output increased. Present-day 6L6GC can handle more power. When it comes to guitar amps, the old one goes up to 24 watts. Meanwhile, 6L6GC goes up to 30 watts.

Can you swap 6V6 for EL34?

I wouldn’t use a 6V6 in place of an EL34, because it might not survive very long. Two better choices would be KT77 or 6CA7. Even if you swap out EL34 for EL34 tubes, re-biasing is highly recommended as cheap insurance against nasty, deadly side effects of imbalance or overload.

What happens if you dont bias an amp?

If you changed to tubes with a lower resistance without biasing the amp you would quickly burn through those tubes and potentially damage the amp and yourself in the process. This is because the amp is still pushing out current at a higher level than the valves are able to take. Until it’s been correctly re-biased.

Can you swap EL34 for 6CA7?

New Member. The EL34, KT77 and the 6CA7 are all interchangeable.