Is Li Hong Yi Korean?

Li Hong Yi is a Chinese actor and singer born on June 26, 1998, in Liaoning, China. He is a graduate of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, and was briefly on the books at South Korean talent agency SM Entertainment, but opted to return to China.

What is the age of Li Hong Yi?

23 years (June 26, 1998)Li Hongyi / Age

How many episodes of parallel love are there?

1 Season, 5 episodes Shruti travels to a parallel world through a portal, to be with her lover who married someone else in the real world. But she finds another version of herself in the parallel world and sees her perfect life.

How old is Zhao Lusi?

23 years (November 9, 1998)Zhao Lusi / Age

What is the best Chinese Drama 2020?

Top 10 Chinese Dramas in 2020

  • Serenade of Peaceful Joy.
  • Intense Love.
  • Mr. Honesty.
  • Love Story of Court Enemies.
  • Parallel Love.
  • Being a Hero.
  • In a Class of Her Own.
  • Skate Into Love.

What happens in the end of parallel love?

Lin Wei Jun commits suicide. Jiao Yan saves her and takes her to the hospital. Lin Miao and him are waiting outside the hospital room. As Lin Miao stares at Jiao Yan she suddenly remembers that ten years ago it was also him who saved her when she committed suicide.

How old is Xu Kai Cheng?

31 years (August 8, 1990)Xu Kaicheng / Age

What is the story of parallel love drama?

With the cooperation of Lin Miao, Jiao Yang steps through the conspiracy of the power struggle inside Hongyu Group. After experiencing confusion, twists and turns and struggling, Lin Miao and Jiao Yang bravely rewrite Hongyu Group’s fate, gaining growth and love for each other.

Is Bai Lu and Xu Kai together?

According to the latest reports, Bai Lu and Xu Kai had ended their relationship and the actress was now dating Wang Yizhe. Both actors appeared in Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures, a spin-off of the popular Story of Yanxi Palace television series. Wang Yizhe is also signed to Huanyu Entertainment as a solo artist.