Is Long Bay a good area?

Located on Auckland’s North Shore, Long Bay is an established but ever-growing master-planned community, offering a desirable blend of stunning coastal landscape with fine urban design. The lifestyle here is incredible, with plenty of green space, a sandy swim-safe beach and a bustling central Village hub.

When was Long Bay established?

The coastline is occupied by the Long Bay Regional Park, and the shoreline is in Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve, which opened in 1995. The beach is sandy and swimming is safe….Long Bay, New Zealand.

Long Bay
Established 1862
Population (2018)
• Total 1,365
Postcode(s) 0792

How many houses at Long Bay?

​Long Bay encompasses 162 ha and includes a village centre, 2500 houses and 28 ha of parks and areas given over to heritage protection.

Is Long Bay a suburb?

Long Bay is a beachside suburb on the North Shore of Auckland in New Zealand, whose Long Bay Regional Park is a popular recreational attraction. Long Bay has about 954 residents. Long Bay is situated nearby to Vaughan’s Ridge, and north of Waiake.

Are dogs allowed on Long Bay Beach?

Long Bay Beach adjacent to Long Bay Regional Park Dogs are prohibited on the Northern Beach areas, north of Vaughan Stream, during summer bird breeding season (1 October to 31 March). Dogs are permitted throughout the year (with restrictions) on the Southern Beach Areas, south of Vaughan Stream.

How Long is Long Bay Beach?

Long Bay Beach: 1km of sandy beach a short walk across the parkland from the main car parks.

Can dogs go to Long Bay?

Is Long Bay safe to swim?

Long Bay. The sandy 1km-long beach is ideal for swimming and relatively safe. Children should be supervised at all times. Lifeguards patrol the beach during the peak summer months.